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The tooth, the whole tooth, nothing but the whole tooth, is the story behind the gold, the other elements in the amalgam

What ever the Truth Commission says, rest assured the truth is a mystery and invention of mankind but nobody can hide behind a tooth.

It remains for ages revealing the telltale story of a the truth and the origin of mammals and mankind and their evolution.

It is so hard it is very difficult to burn or hide the truth it reveals.

What a bite it has in forensic medicine.

This is not about the evolution but something else.

This is about the amalgam and the dentist who uses the amalgam to add extra weight and worth to the this historical object.

It is the truth about the tooth and how to become rich in spite the decaying and age.

Can you ever become a friend of a dentist and get him to reveal the truth behind the amalgam?

Especially the that one crafted with gold (teeth).

I guess, you would not.

They will never reveal the truth about the amalgam they use but they will always reveal the truth about the tooth that it needs attention of some sort.

But I will reveal the truth about the amalgam if not the tooth since the the pathologists job is to get to the bottom of the tooth and truth.

I will tell you how many grams or gains of gold and how much of other metals in the amalgam.

But there is a problem with that approach.

One has to die and one has to collect the tooth at the time of postmortem and one cannot neither recover the gold nor the money nor the prestige lost during the procedure both in life and after death.

We chop everything to pieces and only very tiny pieces we can examine.

I can tell you how tiny was the element gold in comparison to the price you paid for the filling.

You may say why not do a X-ray and estimate the real value of gold but it cannot be done that way.

It will only show a a shadow of the metal implantation and it cannot tell what metal it is exactly.

The dentist will never tell you but he will give you the exact charge of the procedure and no money back guarantee or the gold cannot be exchanged at the bullion.

One cannot do that in any case after death and now it is a museum specimen of the pathologist to tell your telltale story of the tooth to others not yet done the honours for the pathologist to step in.

The tooth, the whole tooth, nothing but the whole tooth, is the story behind the gold, the other elements in the amalgam and the tooth and and nothing but truth.


Knoppix Linux has celebrated its 10th anniversary with a smashing LXDE CD/DVD version.

Unlike previous version it can now be installed to hard disk.

Knoppix is the best Live CD available for a newbie.
It boots up fast and now I am writing this for everybody to see.
It can be mounted on a Flash drive.
Unlike old editions it can be mounted on the hard drive too.
If you decide to mount it on your hard drive make sure that you have saved all your important files!
It has virtual box and can mount other operating systems if one wishes.
The memory for the virtual box can be allocated depending on the system’s availability. I am one who does not fancy this scenario. It is far better to dual boot rather than taxing the resources one has (RAM).
Well done boys and girls!

Punchlines, Punch Bags (Boxing Bags). Punch Balls, Kick Bags and Kickbacks with Punch and Judy

Election is all over and every conceivable lie had being utilized for gains.

It is miracle that I survived without hearing loss since the decibel range was higher than the pitch I was used to.

Sometimes I think it is a blessing to be either deaf or blind or both.

Since I am not either this is to revive Punch and Judy not in his style but in boxing style.

It is strange to note that Punch and Judy characters never used Boxer the kids friendly dog nor the the real boxing characters like Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali), probably fearing American backlash.

I am writing this not expecting any kickbacks from any living soul or any British soul sent to hell by Punch but I have to use English for the strength of the Punch but in boxing style.

I am not even light weight and not even super flyweight to have the physical (I was super bantamweight when I was abroad and having being here for over 5 years gone below the fly weight category without even having a crash course in dieting) presence felt in the ring.

I have to use the English punchlines (send our Buddhist MPs including monks to heaven – not to hell like in UK for them to evoke blessing for the millions of voters who are practically missing a meal-according to health Ministry statistics the never starve; they actually follow the Buddhist monks principle of eating once a day to go to heaven since Sri-Lanka is not the heaven or paradise that it was known to be) instead for posterity.

The boxing categories including light weight was used by me to address the issue I have with the Microsoft / Open Office Office Package/s which is /are always super heavyweight and tax my computer’s limited resources including RAM.

Since I use Linux for my work I do many things (unlike Microsoft windows) once at the same time (watching Football World Cup-not cricket now- do a distribution download while I do some pep writings like this) and the speed is a factor I rely for efficiency.

I use Abiword Light sometime which is portable too.

I have extended this to my Linux100 writing elsewhere in the Google’s blogspot- just type asoka and paraox- you are instantly there and I want the Linux Developers to produce Light Weight (700 MiB. Middle Weight is 1700 MiB and anything above is Heavy Weight (especially the commercial versions that tax resources even at boot time) and sometimes useless to say the least.

Just to take some respite from somewhat taxing job (100 is a big issue at my age, even though I have already 200 distributions in my USB hard disc) of testing and writing reviews for the wider web users.

I take life at an easy pace now!

To begin with my Punch Code (in computer terminology) we must have a nurse and a doctor appointed to the parliament.

The should weigh all new MPs (do not do that with the old foxes they are too heavy that the spring of the balance will break without any spring of surprises) now and every three months over the next 6 years and send that data to the Central Bank / World Bank and the WHO (Sinhalen whoooo) as real data.

They must be categorized according to the weight class of the boxers and see how they progress from flyweight to super heavyweight both in weight and money in no time.

Real progress of the country.

My argument for this is that our parliament truly represents the wishes of the population in real terms and numbers. It truly feel the pulse of the people and rule of the law but not the rulers image.

If we have donkeys in this country surely they should be represented there.

Then we must have an annual contest in front of the Diyawana Oya and get Indian actors to come and face them weight by weight.

Our voters can be used as the Punch Bags or Boxing Bag (it is done almost everyday if you look at the government TV Channel).

It is worth while that they must send a random sample of weight from school leavers for comparison.

But I think that is a waste since our Central Bank has the knack of manipulating any real data into abstruse elements for it to be presented at the Budget at any time of the day or night or if necessary for IMF’s consumption.


But my real punch line is not for the new MPs.

It is for the Ministers who were newly appointed.

It looks as if they are used as the Punch Bags especially the Foreign Minister.

I do not wish who uses them as the Punch Bags.

It is a top secret except for one who is always vociferous in Sinhala for the cameras and destroy anything foreign except the oil he wears on his head.

If seems that boxers use kick balls and kick bags.

I like both of them (kick bag and kick ball) and in football style I can kick them in their vestiges!


3rd July., 2010