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Habit and the lack of the habit

We have  now lost  a habit which used to be infectious in the bygone years

It is that the ability to crack a joke and laugh.

We have lost it, well and truly.

When a country goes through prolong and protracted war when lot of fellow beings are taken away of the right to live in their prime of life except the oneself who survives the ordeal, it is said that the truth is the first casualty.

But I say it is not the only casualty.

The ability laugh and crack a joke becomes the biggest casualty. if one includes self criticism and realization of one’s own fallacies and the ability to laugh at very self not others, the loss of that capacity is debilitating to say the least.

If a nation loses the ability to laugh at itself in an adversity and if it is never regained in pristine form, the selfish, mask like and moronic behaviour outlasts the the war by decades

It has happened to us.

Yes when the foreigners come we smile at them and it is only a reflex action without any meaning in it but perhaps with lot of guilt inside.

Because there is nothing else to redeem smile disguises the pain and agony inside in lot of us.

Like a patient who comes to a doctor, if the body politic is sick we cannot laugh any more.

If there is any semblance of laugh it is artificial and induced and not spontaneous.

We have not addressed this habit or lack of it in the first place.

Even school children lack this ability.

Can you get an elephant to laugh.

Yes an ant can do that but not a man or a woman (Read my article how to make an elephant laugh probably at http://www.wrteclique.net- It looks like this site is blocked).

Now I have reproduced it for posterity here.

When are we going to begin the  spontaneous laughter?

I do not know with the cost of living spiraling!

I think we have to train the Sri-Lankans to smile and laugh.

We should have a workshop for that in the coming year not elections again.