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After 4 days and bit of time I manged to download Mandrake (free) DVD and booted it to see its features and unfortunately it is install only

Why they cannot include a live script in the 4.3 MiB of DVD puzzles me enough!

Similarly 2 MiB of Gentoo Live DVD did not have an install script!

These simple exclusions put me off and lot many of newbies too.

With Mandriva I went up to the partition tool and up to that point it has all the impressive graphic protocols which I really loved in the past.

Well, now I have installed Mandriva Free in a second hand spare computer (dissembled in Singapore) I bought to upgrade the systems to Sata hard and CD/ DVD ROMs in case IDE Hard disks and ROM SriLankan market.
It has two ports for SATA and I may be able to fix my IDEs there if any one of my old computers pack up.

Sure will not as long as I use Linux.

As I have already stated elsewhere cutting edge utilities are carefully excluded and it took nearly one hour to update the installed packages.
My wife and daughter were using there computers and and I know they were not downloading anything serious.
So my judgement, about Mandriva has not changed significantly even after installing,

Installation went ahead without a hitch.

So go ahead and buy from them instead of downloading the free DVD.has not changed.

No wine, no blender, no food for thought.

If I make a mistake and delete everything in my hard disk while testing live CDs or my system breaks down (it never happens) or over loaded with array of different images and come to a stop one day, I will run it through all the way to full install.

Till then you have to do it yourself and feel its impressive collection of utilities.