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After an year old development thread XO-pup is available for download for One Lap Top Per Child (O.L.P.S) platform. 

It in tar.gz format only a Linux box can expand and extract it to a fat partition or U.S.B.
Thanks Guys and Girls.

I will soon be downloading it.


The best thing that happened to me apart from getting into Linux is downloading a copy of Puppy Linux.

Puppy Linux did everything that one needs in less than 100 MiB in its series 4.
It can be loaded into a Flash Drive, external hard disk.

Loaded to the RAM
it does amazing things.
In its latest series Puppee has Google chrome and Puppy series 5 has net-serf web browser which is amazingly fast.

Puppy has spawned many other versions Wolfe and Quirk and many more.