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One of my Gifts

This is a comment I posted at tiny Buddha.

Giving without expecting anything in return is a virtue Buddha always admired.

Santa does the same thing, here and now!

My daughter was recuperating from a long illness and it was hard for her us to keep her occupied.

I had lost all the ideas to make any meaningful contribution.

Then one day, I dropped into a bookshop selling old books. I remember, she telling me that there is this new bookshop (opened recently) selling secondhand books (thrown out as thrash in UK) .

I knew she selects books and leave them (with her name tag) at the counter to buy them later (when she has spare money).
I went through the book at the counter but could not find her name.
The second time when I went there, I politely asked the manager, could I see the books that are reserved but not collected.
To my amazement there were plenty of books (bags) waiting to be collected.
After a few meaningful searches I found the bag with the label in her handwriting.

Rest is history.

What really dawned on me was that there are many like her going for secondhand books to save a few bucks.

When I was a kid if somebody gave me an old book, I would have “thrown a fit”.

But now I scavenge at bookshops selling old but readable books.

This Christmas, if you have books worth (secondhand) reading please send them to the third world, Sri-Lanka included.

The gift need not be a brand new especially if it is a good reading material.

English books are very expensive even if they are printed (poor quality) in India.