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Would you pay more money and go the Exrta Mile or is it pain in the neck?

There is so much hype about Windows 7 and on my daughter’s request I went and bought a Windows 7 Starter Pack but kept on delaying opening of the pack to install it since the netbook I bought her already had Windows XP.

She has a working knowledge of Linux with  the desktop she had and I bought the netbook stating that if it started giving problems she has to go back to Linux for her work.

Something simple like Lubuntu or Meego or something advances like Sabayon, PClinux or Mepis or even Decian.

Then I wanted to repartition (re-size) the hard disk but the XP installed did not allow me to repartition unless I delete the operating system with it.

Since I have paid for the operating system, I realize it is not a wise thing to do since if she wants there are enough computers at home to try Linux including her desktop.

Then everything went into cold storage and she was down with some illness and Windows 7 was completely forgotten.

Today as part of my full reformatting exercise, I deleted all my partition and booted this Windows 7 Starter Pack to see what it has.

It immediately recognized the 20 GiB ntfs partition  (I made as an extra storage facility), the hard disk had and it started giving me instruction that it can be installed in one computer only and the blah blah.

It pulled out the internet wire fearing it is going to note my laptop machine number and the details and it’s identity and then allowed it to install.

Mind you this was the computer I bought in Singapore after big fight with the vendor stating that I did not want windows installed in it and I only want the machine and I know what to do with it.

Then I booted Linux while waiting in lounge of the Changi Airport with Linux a DVD I downloaded in Singapore (in one of my relative’s residence in Singapore).

After installing it goes up several times rebooting and this is the time it gives all your details to the Microsoft head quarters to subsequently send warning after warnings to lure you to buy all the extra utilities.

Finally it booted up and this one lets you have a password facility and the system has nothing at all to work with.

I told my daughter how stupid was to buy it and booted up and showed her the latest 10th anniversary Knoppix 6.4 live with compiz graphic and Pingus game in it and amazingly beautiful graphics.

It has enlightenment effects and LibreOffice and over 6000 t0 10,000 packages in it’s DVD.

Who is stupid Microsoft or little Me I will let you decide it.

Mind you I installed Knoppix and Sabayon KDE while typing this bloggy blog and tested PCLinuxfullmonty has 64 bits capability also, in between watching the last stages of the Sri-Lanka New Zealand cricket match too.

I must tell you Win 7 took a longer time to install and restarted several times.

Sabayon has a media center called XBMC and it is something windows users will never have the luxury of using.

PCLinuxfullmonty has blender and with these three distributions in my laptop I have amazing rich collection of graphic utilities.

I did not have to pay a red cent but had to spend some time downloading the 3 DVDs with K-Torrent.

Only limitation was the slow download speed of Sri-Lankan Telecoms.

50 ways to leave your Lover (Microsoft)

When I first started using Linux I had only few ways to leave the love I had with Microsoft.
1. Surest way to press the off button instead of restart

2. Then Say “Linux Saranam Gachchamie” 3 times whenever I see a windows box.

This derives from my mothers teaching me how to recite Buddhist verses which I did not understand as a brat.  

I become a refuge of Linux is the nearest English translation.

3. Then say “Subba Papassa Microsoft Akaranum” when a Microsoft guy ask me to play a windows Game-Not Dos games.

I will refrain from all evil things. In other words I will not contribute to 7 Seven sins of Microsoft as some good Americans of North America vouch.

4. More reformed saying is

Sabba Papapssa Microsoft Akaranam
Kusallassa Linux Sammada
Sachitta Pario Linux Dhapanam
Etham Asokassa Dhassana

I will refrain from all Evil things (including using Microsoft)

I will only do meritorious things (like promoting Linux)

I will keep my mind focused on Linux

That is what the Vision and the saying of Asoka (not the ancient Indian King) not the Great (not the Nine or clock News (BBC) or Not the early morning SriLankan (heroic) Music.

5. Boot Grub with dual booting with default as Redhat 8 or 9.

Those were the few ways I left my first love Microsoft.

Now I am in a harem of Linux distributions (over 100) there are over 100 ways to leave my love.

6. When I say Suse there is the charming dame appearing slowly on my computer screen.

7. When I say Debian the God Father comes and sprinkle some chanted oil on my head like in the baptising ceremony in the Church.

8. When I say Pup Up Come Up all the Pups come with Beagle scaring the Microsoft bulldog.

9. When I say snap up, the gparted comes and takes over the hard disk wiping all Microsoft traces and FAT and NTFS Partitions.

10. When I say bulldoze the Blcktrack4 comes to my assistance.

When the latter 5 five are stated the Microsoft vendors soil their pants.
Being a doc, like an untrained dog I can smell the atmosphere and what is happening without pulling down the pants since my nose is trained like a police dog’s nose to smell evil Microsoft piss.

11. When I say Fire Firefox there comes the Chines Dragon ready to flame all the wars that are to be inflammed.

12. When I say Nero the Hero then K3B comes ready to do the cooking and barbecue.

13. When I say “Open Sesame”, Open Office comes and opens his mouth to eat all the words that came out of the politicians during the elections that includes the salary hikes promised and those words can never be traced to the source or their origins.

14. When I say boot all the bootstraps are released at rocket like speed especially when YOPER is let loose.

15. When I say root all the roosters come to the roof for roosting.

Those from 11 to 15 are like extramarital relationships and by now the divorce papers are being worked out, spelling out the compensation for Microsoft (legal hearing pending in France and European commission waiting to see the bindings).

16. Now comes the Live all Night Dance.

PCLinux leads the troops and the dancers with colourful array of dancers, which includes, LXDE, Xfce, E!7, ZenMini, Minime and Big Daddy.

From this point onwards any of my saying will inflamme flame wars day and night in Linux Community to determine which one is slightly better than the other.

I think I should not get involved, since I have dug deep into the caves of Linux and my hands are dirty as if I was coming out of a mine after a blast.

Let the readers do the filling up since my file cabinet is full of Linux live CDs, now ready for dishing out like Santa at Christmas eve.

17, As teaser I will put Skype (who will love it who will not)

18. Dropbox

19. Grub or Lilo

20. Gnome / KDE/ LXDE. xFCE

I think now that I have fired up, the flame wars will go on till the next Christmas and I will be a passive spectator.