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American Politics, British Diplomacy and Buddha’s Intelligent Inquiry-Kalama Sutta

If I have not read Kalama Sutta by the age of 16 years, I  may have, to begin with, would have been caught up and swallowed by the rationalist (almost nonfunctional today in this irrational country Sri-Lanka) deliberates.
There are 13 qualifications, one has to apply if one is an open inquirer.
So read Kalama Sutta before reading this.
I ended up as an independent thinker, never believing anything what the white man said.
We were under 500 years of foreign invader influence, it is probably inbuilt in my system not to believe them and probably many Sri-Lankan of today have lost that inbuilt defense we had, especially the politicians and political refuges who leave and become prisoners of conscience.
I can dispense with British easily.
In about 6 months in Britain, I realized that what they say is not what they mean.
That included medical men too.
This is at ground zero level where most of us end up in Britain.
In diplomatic level they do it in a professional manner and unlike the ordinary British who survive on a meager salary, they are paid very well.
How better or brazenly one can lie while blazing a blue-collar and tie is the standard of British Diplomacy, at all levels.
They do not mean what they say.
Only people who can beat them in the game are Americans.
(Compare President Bush and PM Blair relationship)
I have had limited association with the Americans and it took many years of rational and independent analysis, only after leaving them though, to get the correct  assessment and true picture of what they really meant.
See how Obama came into power with full-scale liberal views and end up as a stubborn personality and not listening to people power but continuing what Bush did better than what Bush would have figured it out but pretend to the whole world he is different.

Unlike British there are some genuine and stupid Americans too.

Otherwise they would not have elected him for the first time.
If they elect him for second time my above genuine analysis would be confirmed without any doubt or contention.
Polls as at present prove that I am right at this point of time.
Unlike British they pay well for your services.
I do not know how one is paid under President Obama.
I am not interested who should become the next American President, let the stupid and brilliant Americans decide it.
But they are well advised by me to read the Kalama Sutta before voting next time round.
Coming back to America and American politics, they are not a benevolent society.
Obama pretended to be benevolent to the masses but he is truly benevolent  to the rich.

Chrysler bail out is one object lesson.
They have the capitalist mentality at all levels and success depends on how much one is prepared to get returns for initial investment.
Good examples are Microsoft and Speculators.
Now that Microsoft is having a nose dive, Apple is trying to get into that niche.
I-pads and educational material that they are planning to copyright are trying to swallow the stupid Americans in one stroke.
They propagate the universal truth which a myth by all standards, more educated one is and more one spends on education, more productive one is when employed.
But no education standards were necessary to get the bail outs.
The standard is how bad an American fails in his or her business. 
What ever the voters may say they always win and many a small Americans will have to foot the bill. 
In this context, Amazon did an amazing and wonderful thing by introducing Kindle Fire (selling below cost price) and creating, in this big business world of Education and the hold that the publishers have on writers.
They are all out to kill this experiment.
Amazon is a successful business empire.
There is nothing wrong with it.
But at least in education Amazon’s vision is somewhat benevolent.
American politics who ever who becomes the next president will kill this endeavour  in its budding stage.
I hope I have not jumped or triggered the America gun mentality.
Time will tell what I say now will be right or wrong.
It is tilted towards ipad and Big Apple and not towards Amazon’s effort.
If Apple wins it is a disaster for the entire world of education.

Amazon Silk the answer to Web Browsers that are Heavy (Weights)

I hate almost all the web browsers in current use except light weight Linux derivatives.
Linux derivatives are light on your computer and has utilities to block unnecessary cookies and erase the memory at the end of a web session.
All the web browsers have become bulky over the years and have left enough security holes.
I will list few of the Linux browsers  I like most before talking about the game-changer Amazon-Silk.
I hope it will become bulky in time but have enough security patches since lot of young kids are going to use it on daily basis. 
1.IceApe and its Suite
2. Dillo
3. SeaMonkey
4. IceWeasel
5. Midori
Mobile Web Kits
6.Opera Mobile (Mini)
7.Android WebKit
9.BlackBerry WebKit
10. Dolfin-Samsung
11.Nokia WebKit
14. Firefox   Gecko in MeeGo
Note Gecko  is a FireFox Light derivative that comes from Linux origin, from good old days of Linux and unfortunately IE and FireFox has lot of work to do to get to Mobile Industry.
IE and FireFox are gorilla derivative of internet.
I believe Linux distributions should all have some alternative Lightweight web browsers included in their distributions.
It is interesting that SwiftLinux which has done a good job of it in its recent version.
These light weight stuff can be used in Mobile and Cloud Computing and now that Amzon has shown the way by splitting the resources we going to have frantic activity in this arena with mobile to lure.
Amazon’s Silk approach is admirable and it is going to be a game-changer.
I think all the web browsers have to go on a diet soon or have at least two versions.
One for mobile and cloud and the other for the desktop.