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Can Strauss change Cricket Fortunes?

Yes he can with little bit of luck behind him.

When I said star (Strauss) was born earlier, I really meant it.

You can become the star of wonder if you lift the World Cup too.

Go for it.
There is nothing to lose.

Now it is only two more games away to the final.

Have a good rest (without alcohol) for the tired legs and fully stretched out minds of the players.

The cliff-hanger games are the ones I love to watch (but not for one with weak hearts).

If you can take one game at a time and the final will come true to itself.
If you could bring ashes home and immediately follow with another Champion Cup it is good for the home of cricket.
This time every team has an equal chances of winning unlike previous games.
The team that does well in all three actions batting, balling and fielding will win the game.
Mind you West indies was not the best prepared team.
The winning should be attributed to their bad management on the day.
But by stroke of luck if they become your opponents in the final, as a true cricket lover I am going to favour the West Indies’ win.
If the opponents are going to be Sri-Lanka, I am going to be neutral.
If opponents are Australians, I am going to favour England’s win.
If opponents are South Africans, I am going to favour Smith’s Team.
If the opponents are New Zealanders I am going to support New Zealand.

I am going to ignore India and Pakistan because they are playing on familiar home conditions (Indian subcontinent), home crowd support and corrupt officials, Sri-Lanka included.

It is going to be interesting contest and cricket will be the winner.

I hope now onwards all the players will lift the spirit of the game unlike Australians (and some captains) who use devious means to win.

Remember the ball under the glove (underarm) tactics against us last time round.

They want to win, it does not matter how (to them).

I hope England (not English and Australian umpires though) form now onwards, set the standards of the game in the field and outside the field.

However, Flower should know not to put tired legs on the filed in a crunch game and you have been playing too much cricket, already.

Rest without alcohol is the need of the day.

If you win bookmakers of the subcontinent and a few politicians have to perform hara-kiri and that is going to be very good for cricket!