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Tsunami or no tsunami

We tend to forget the victims be that it may be the tsunami or generals that are victims of political tsunami and get on with our life selfishly.
Tsunami or no tsunami
The gentle breeze
That blows across
The paddy fields
Pooled with water
Ready for planting
The young roots
Makes fine rhythmic waves
An illusion so fine
Make one believes
That it is the water that moves
But not the thin volatile air
The same illusion
But bigger in dimension
Makes giant waves
Of the mighty ocean
The waves seem to come ashore
But in reality
The water is pulled
By the powerful gravity
To the ocean deep
Bigger illusion
Is the constant movement
Of the seemingly stationary earth crust
Over the molten lava
Pushing the Himalayan mountain
Up from beneath
With the thrust
Of the tectonic plates
Nobody knows for certain
When the next tsunami
Hits the ocean floor
Making us to believe in reality
How unstable the state of the matter is?
Illusion or no illusion
One would like to perceive
That the state of the motion
Be that it may
Wind, water or the ocean floor
Remain calm and long enough
For us to move in erratic fashion
Letting the volatile mind
Run riot in pursuit of all
The sensual desires
Full filled or not full filled
And trying to achieve
The unachievable
Is the biggest illusion of all
3rd December, 2006