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Boxing an Irrational Game in the Rational World.

Boxing an Irrational Game in the Rational World.

1. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)
2. Joe Frazier
3. George Foreman in Kingston Jamaica.
I admire all three of these yesteryear boxers but I never admire the game as a medical man.
Ali suffers from Parkinson’s Disease which is the direct result of Brain Stem Injury due to multiple small haemorrhages.
Later they all will have dementia.
I have pasted some information below to state how brutal was this game.
Both men were in hospital not 24 hours (which is the standard for minor concussion head injury observation) 7 and 10 days.
This game is only suitable for politicians in power (not out of power) who can knock each other till everybody except one is left and we the  voter should watch them with thrill and amuse when they kill each other.
While in opposition invariably, they kill each other to get the top contender in the next round of battle with powerful is inciting with the help of the those in power.
Unfortunately both the contender and the defender destroy what is left of our democracy.
Now they kill each other in power since the war is over there is  a lot of spare arms and ammunition left to utilize internal battle zones.
In that sense, only philosophically, boxing was marginally better than the politics of this country.
At least there is a referee and the trainer will never sacrifice (see below) his guy for the glory.
In politics in this country, there are no referees and Election Commission in headed by a Puppet on a String.
I like a fiddler on the roof play the tune of misery for the average voter  disenchanted, since with the upcoming budget we will have to tighten our belt further.
There will be no more pay hikes for another 6 years but we will have 100 fold increase of Living or the Cost of Living (C.O.L).
This is what we call 21st century democracy.
1. When Muhammad Ali was stripped of his championship in 1967 following refusal of the draft to fight in the Vietnam War the heavyweight championship was thrown into a state of confusion.
It was a smart decision when blacks were discriminated and sacrificed in war (white supremacy in the helm then).
2. When the decision was announced it came as no surprise to anyone. Frazier took a unanimous decision. The fight was so brutal that both men were taken to hospital. Frazier spent a little longer in the hospital which allowed Ali to mention about how much damage he had done although a side of his face was badly swollen.
3. Eddie Futch, Joe Frazier’s trainer then made one of the most humane decisions ever not allowing Joe to come out for fifteenth round.
Fearing a fatality he puts one hand on Frazier’s shoulder telling him it’s over.
Ali sensing the fight is over stands up to celebrate but soon collapses with exhaustion.
Following the fight he comments that this was the closest thing to death he had experienced.

It was probably the only way to close the chapter on such a rivalry.
Now it is the time for WHO to move in and ban this game.
In this country still this game (it is not a game but cruel encounter) is played in schools.
Since our guy who won the gold medal was proven that he had taken drugs given to him like one of our Oil Doctors (evil doctor like the one of Michael Jackson’s) to enhance performance we should put this doctor guy also in prison for life.
We must follow American example.