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Global Warming and IT industry, any connection?

I was post postponing writing about global warming for sometime and it was related to bird watching (that will come soon) and not IT industry.
I predicted this 5 years ago (Flooding) and at that time every American Scientist, including Scientific American was skeptic but the email doctoring incident bared before the Earth Summit (in which only European Nation New Zealand and the former PM Helen Clark stood against that conviction) and all Scientist are in broad agreement now that global warming is taking shape in real time.
I never though the floods in Thailand would adversely effect the IT industry.
There is acute shortages of Hard drives and the supply will fall behind demand by over 6 months.
The best Christmas present one can give this time round is a good external hard drive.
I cannot go for a SSD but bought a hard drive on loan since the vendor guys alerted me well in advance.
Even the computer manufacturing will come down and this will add to the HP Saga and it is supposed to be stockpiling hard drives (supposed to be ordered for PCs they discontinued producing) to make gain of the losses they had with tablets.
This is a strange world and one does not know which will hit you first(debt crisis or floods).
So don’t load your hard drives with videos and if you have money buy at least an external drive.
Happy Christmas for guys and Girls in the IT industry.
I will be writing about global warming in Sri-Lankan perspective soon and not about computers and IT.
Guys this is a good time to promote Cloud Computing and their Server Capacity.
Hurry Up.
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