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XBMC Linux and Media Center

This is a Live CD that specializes on Multi-Media applications. It runs on Flushbox X-windows and has XBMC as its major package.This is a mouse happy distribution and when one right clicks the application menu comes to life.

One interesting feature about this distribution is the distribution is only tine but its application XBMC takes a large portion of it’s MiB.
If one has an old computer with a good graphic utility one can use that computer as a home media center and store all your videos and audios in one place. Not only that t can store pictures to. Once it is connected to the internet one can get the local weather too.
This is something one should have one’s bedroom and program it to wake you up with music and morning weather. Of course one has to write a tiny script to wake you up at 6 A.M or 7 A.M.
I am told early risers are healthy and manage stress better. Music and cup of tea (not coffee) is healthy start up for one who has cash strapped duty debt crisis.
What better way other than rise up XBMC on a old computer.
XBMC is under the menu video when you right click and get the applications into life. It has lot of other little applications.