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Naming the Linux Distributions (Caterories)-My Way

Now that I have finished scoring cross section of the Linux Distributions, to render and make my future classification easy, I have decided to change from the Weight Category based on Apes Family, (simply to spare the abuse of this Family especially the common monkeys-who venture into the city looking for food and poisoned by some citizens) and used an alternative  method based on the distribution’s functionality.
This will certainly create lot of flames (now that the war is over I do not mind the urban flames not forest fire) but I got to get on with my naming strategy.
1. NuKe Variety.
I wanted to name it nude but NuKe is OK since most of us  in this country pronounce NuKE as Nude anyway.
These are bare bone distributions almost stripped of all the attire but the skin is beautiful as in fish and birds, the nude or the NuKe is barely visible.
The core utilities based on Slackware is the PROTOTYPE.
They do not have X-Windows
Debian fall into this category.
These are for the developers and developers are generally invincible.
2. Second category is BiKi(Ni) and only clad and covered in G-string sized x-windows.
They fit in a Mini CDs.
These are for the old school type of Linux users not worried about what others do, inherently lazy and nobody knows they do exist.
They are in the minority.
3. LyKe, another typical Sri-Lankan wrong pronunciation. 
Like NuKe it sounds Linux.
The name comes from the LyKa, the dog that was sacrificed in space by Russian.
These distributions are one’s close friend like a dog and a work slave.
These are the workhorse type of of distributions and naming any one of them as a PROTOTYPE is gross injustice to ones not mentioned. 
Majority of the Linux distributions fall into this category.
These remain active as long as there are followers in the community and sometimes suddenly disappear after stint.
4. Fourth is the carnival type dressed in ragtag (Ragtag Variety), as  seen dressed up in Brazilian street carnival from almost nothing to exotic.
Ultimate Linux
LiveLinuxGamers  and many more fall into this group.
They are very special that is why they dress differently in street or bazaar carnivals.
They are generally task based like games, arts or science.
5. Fifth, I call the King Con (con as in a lie) Type, almost non-existent in the Linux Community but when the King or the President of a country incarcerate a developer in a palace or presidential house requesting them for top security for the palace and their kith and kin to hide all the unpleasant  details.
But in actual fact it is something like SliTaz and lot of Cookies added as long as the developers is incarcerated and deprived from his normal developmental activity.

All kings thinks bigger is always better and there is no other thinking in them.

LPS that comes from DOD is one of them which can be loaded with security piping that no information either gets in or gets out.

This is a nightmare distribution for true Linux developers.