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When not to help or interfere

I have been doing few irrational things lately with industrial action going into the 8th week in total.
That included climbing the roof and striping the casing of the the internet cable /wire and enclosing the same in a sturdy tube where it is exposed to Ceylon civets (KalaWaddas) to chew accidentally at night.
Strangely enough the Ceylon civet also has his routine walkabout (pathway) along where I have laid the internet cable.
Once it chewed the wire leading to the Monitor which was extending little outside the open corridor.
Now this incident was related to squirrel who visited my bed room through the open door.
My dog was sleeping under the dog, it is no secret that I was oversleeping, on that day and got up with shrieking noise of the squirrel who was frightened by the dog who advanced from under the bed.
I was up in seconds and landed a big pat on the head of my dog, just giving enough time for the squirrel to find a hiding place, which it did behind the waste paper basket.
My dog when little had the habit of catching rats and one day caught a squirrel too and I had a long drawn out training period to wean him from this habit which is natural for a dog rared totally inside the house.
He listened to my command but refused to leave the room, knowing that when I leave, he will have a another chase to catch the young squirrel.
I had to do lot of coaxing to get the dog out of my room and he refused to drink the milk to state his annoyance with me in no uncertain terms.
I closed the door and finished the work of burning the iso image downloaded overnight and the little squirrel went three time between my legs not knowing what to do.
This must be the first time he had ventured into a house and trapped inside and he was not good at climbing and finding his way back outside.
If he comes out the door now already annoyed with me will pounce on it and I made sure I closed the door several time with a big noise to show he was not welcome inside.
Then I had to go out and closed all the doors so that the squirrel is safe from my dog and the cat from the next door who is resting in the balcony.
Idea was to restrain the dog and catch it if he remains in my bed room when I return home.
Luckily for the squirrel I had three cable going in three different directions from the router and if it wished it is the matter of climbing to the table and  find its way to the roof and out on the cable.
Having said that finding the way was almost impossible, the way the things are laid in my room. 
My guess was it will never find its way to the cable.
I returned home early to see he was gone.
To my surprise it had found his way  out and unlike rats they are extremely clever and look at from where the light comes (unlike rats) and work their way to outside world.
To his horror the cable was loosely hanging and he would have struggled to reach the window which for his luck was very high and the cat outside could reach.
My internet cable does save life apart from sending messages.
The reason I climbed the roof was to tighten the cable a bit in case he ventures again from outside to build his nest and it is sturdy enough to hold his pregnant wife and subsequently kids.
Not only civets I have to worry now (protecting the cable) but probably an army of squirrels.
As I stated earlier elsewhere they use power lines to come and go and if you lay internet cables make sure they are weather and squirrel safe.

Major part of the cable which is leading to my son’s room is now inside a tube and these cables are (weather proof ones) are very expensive.