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Why I won’t buy a Tablet soon?

Why I wont buy a Tablet soon?
The bad publicity and nasty feeling I get when I hear the word “Tabloids” has made me to change to tablet like all the good journalists who write on computers use this word tablet.
I apologise for my little discretion. Tablets are going to take all us by surprise and when it hits the market and the price is right everybody will join the band wagon.

1.It is a light weight.
2. It is mobile smart phone.
3. It is a little touch screen computer.
4. It is the news reader.
5. It is the web browser.
6. It is in every C.E.O.’s hand
7. Unlike the paper it will read the news while you drive the car.
8. It is the E-reader
9. Business companion, stock dealer and buying machine on E-bay and stock Market
10. Sports can be live like in the TV but unlike TV you can replay the match or game you like.
All these fancy features make the yappies to go for it and the rest will follow. That is what the predictions are.
But I won’t buy one in a hurry.
I need the following conditions satisfied.
1. It should have an alarm or a siren attached to it as in the car doors.
Like laptops, mobiles and money it is the item everybody wants to steal.
2. It should have pass word protection.
If it is stolen the thief (unless he is a hacker) should not be able to use it and the user should be able to track it down.
3. It should have a location mapper or a tag which we put on dogs.
Why ?
This works both ways parents can locate their children and the Secret Service can locate you and wives and husbands can tag the whereabouts and spear of activity of the other half.
4. It should have a long life battery.
5. It should have solar panel.
In countries like us where electricity price is exorbitant and on Sunny days when we have power cuts, this is the only fun we can have outdoors.
6. It should have satellite (not 3G or 4G version) communication facility.
In countries like us where the Telecoms never give the band with they promise us and we pay for, this is the only way we can tune into America and A.O.L
7.It should have at least 4 USB ports, if not ports ability to expand it to a switch and attach DVD and USB.
The above points are general purpose and below are my own specifications.
8. Big hard drive with ability to put my own Light Weight Linux Distributions instead of Android only and dual boot it.
9. Ability to boot up with my Pendrive, if the above cannot be allowed due to Company Law.
10. Ten is the most important one. Sturdy titanium case shock proof.
If Android does not work the way I want to thrash on the floor and see it survives.
If it does, I will appear free on a commercial for Google.
There is another reason. I was one who supported Google from the very beginning when they announced it, many moons ago and remained solid with it due to Linux capabilities and they did not invite me for the party and also did not give me a free version to test. 11. The real reason I to not want to go for the tablet is the lack of good and easy keyboard but ASUS has changed this radically by adding a transformer / converter to the tablet.

Read my blog on Eee Pad Transformer.
12. All American car manufacturers should install a tablet in the dashboard with appropriate buttons to listen to music, TV and newspaper .
This way we can prevent lot of road accidents, even in the the 3rd world and the big Americans can say they were the pioneers of prevention of road accidents.
Apart from that real reasons are anything that attempt to kill Linux or Free Software Foundation, I get activated by default.
This is why I support Unity of Ubuntu.
“Tablet is going to make print media obsolete in the not so distant future. Ink print might disappear giving way to digital news. Unlike the print paper, it can read you the news while you drive your car. Local Paper edition might come in smart cards. Advertisement supplements in the digital format make one to order with the touch of one’s finger tips”.