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Marketing and Labelling or is it Cheating?

Marketing and Labelling or is it Cheating?
There are many ways we can poison ourselves.
Just drop into a supermarket, rest assured, one is able buy an assortment of poisons home from vegetable to bottled water to drinks.
Basically biologically and chemical but in some instances physical which include radiation in contaminated coal imported for power plant.
 Beware those who live around power plant. in any case land value and house value of the houses will go down in proportion to how close it to the plant except for ones who have no choice but to live there.
I will be brief here and deal with the supermarkets.
Just yesterday, i went to a supermarket in Kandy and wanted to buy a soft drink.
 My first problem was they do not store item in an organized way.
I was looking for a particular Sri-Lankan brand but I could not find it.
With hot and dry condition even within the supermarket, I could not wait till go home and drink some plain water.
So, I browsed, rather scanned through all the shelves and found a cool tea brand for RS 50/= and fruit brand of the same company price was over Rs.100/=.
I have never seen this brand and I wanted to see the contents and where it is produced.
I could not find whether it was marketed or produced in what country.
The  expiry date was there with very small font and my poor eyesight I could not read it properly since the letters were on font 5 (even a child won’t be able to read it).
I got a service girl and a shelf manger and then the manager of the floor to tell me exactly what the information is.
They could not.
I asked if not Ceylon why can’t the put SIRI LANKA on the bottle.
Are they ashamed to state it not from SIRI LANKA?
Bottom line is the exporters were cheating us to the tune of millions.
Mind you the expiry date was stuck with a label to cover most probably the label on which the expiry date printed in the country of origin (date probably passed).
An imported stuff from some godforsaken nearby country and all the information was missing except for a email printed in very small letters.
I was so annoyed I left the place without buying anything and when I glanced through the cold chain area I could count at least 4 varieties of flies not seen in Kandy but imported from Colombo with the foods stuff.
I think it is time for us to say good bye for good before we get poisoned including arsenic (the latest discovery) and start growing our food in tea pots.
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