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Why I hate the Month of April?

I hate the month of April.

List them down in point form.

1. It is the month of thunder and showers. It does lot of damage to my equipments including the switch board.

2. It is the month of fire cracker. There is a saying that empty vessels (like many politicians) make a big noise, it surely does in the month of April.

3. It is the month my dog is constantly behind me in fear of thunder and fire crackers. At least for the sake of our trustworthy friend we must ban fire crackers. Many of them left alone by owners die in this season. Good that we lost the World Cup in Cricket, it would have raised some forest fire too.

4.It s the month of extreme temperature which varies from 78 F to 98 F.

5. It is the month everything goes up in price for no reason like the ambient temperature. Not only it goes up but remains high after the season.

6. It is the month of excesses including alcohol and spiritual degradation.

7. It is the month of lot of accidents on the road with police on leave.

8.It is the month of petty fights both inside and outside the house due to economic hardships and not being able to afford what one wants.

9. It is the month we empty coffers and living on loans (for two months afterward we are in absolute poverty, unable to settle the loans).

10 It is the month of credit cards.

11. It is the month all the unwanted relatives drop in without notice and spoil one’s quiet holiday.

12. It is the month of where healthy people go under the hammer and drop dead (violence, forget the medicine, too much sugar and diabetic coma, road traffic accidents and many more).

13. It is the month when the sun is above your head and shows its mighty power and all the good gods are looking the other way (in disgust probably) without helping us with some cash.

14. It is the month of mosquito music and menace including Santhus.

I sometimes wonder why we call it the New Year with so many unwanted catastrophes evolve round it.

These are points to ponder when you avail yourself of some welcome respite of daily chores.