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Water Logics

Water Logics

Most of the information fed into this book is based on observations, some casual and some smart but simple scientific observations, which I have made over the past 20 years. If I did not make my observation for this year (2011) with almost drought in some parts of the country and equally bad floods and typhoons effecting the South of the country, this book would end up with unresolved conflict of interests and basic scientific concepts and tenets.

My observations

The observations are as good as gold and they are a good base for my water logic to end this book.

One must take one important factor into consideration.

Coal Power

This is the year with full commission of the Coal Power.

Most of my predictions in the past predictions were made on scientific grounds and have come true. For Coal Power my guess was I need at least another five years of observation for it to be of scientific in nature, value added and substantive.

My gut feeling says with one observations I have now, I need not wait for another 5 years, a long period in human terms to make feasible predictions and appropriate correction if there are any.

This year’s observations are good enough to base physical and biological predictions.

One observation was of paramount importance.

This time the Indian Oriole did not go back.

I believe I spotted a young one probably born here, Indian Oriole to be precise, well before the approaching winter.

That simple observation is enough for me to base my predictions.

I am entitled to make prediction based on this observation without waiting for another five years.

Why the Indian Oriole did not go back?

It is no secret they move out in winter to escape bad weather and food scarcity.

But they invariably return to their base for breeding.

But not this time round.


1. The warm air currents heralding the Summer did not arrive from the North.

2. Warm air current remained almost constant throughout the year in Kandy and suburbs.

3. Birds were confused (at least one pair) to make a move.

4. Birds made an evolutionary interesting decision to base their breeding here.

5. That is the beginning of a new niche of endemicity and its evolution.


It was our  COAL POWER BOOM.

We were generating coal power (both oil and coal) electricity to make the short fall of rain and the lack of capacity of the water reservoirs.

We did not do that based on a scientific plan.

24 hour generation of coal power and the resultant failure of normal movement of upper air currents had an effect this year.

The failure of normal movement of warm air currents that determined bird migration did not happen this time round due to constant warm air produced by Coal Power Plants.

The bird migrate towards the warm air atmosphere.

Our hills are not tall enough to cool the warm air generated by the 24 hour Coal Power generation.

They remained almost stagnant not circulating except upward movement and there was no lateral movement and air currents.

There was no need for them to migrate backward with constant warm air in the atmosphere.

They remained here and some of them even bred here, I believe.

That is of course the good news.

Now to the bad news.

This time inter-monsoonal rain did not come in its regular 10 to 14 day cycles.

They do not come in that pattern for number of years due to global warming.

They humidity of air remained high.

When the rain came it was unusually heavy.

There were flash floods.

This is very easy to explain.

With warm air, the volume of water vapour remaining in air to form clouds increased appropriately.

The delay or really the prolongation of short spells (10-14 day cycles in the past) to almost six (6) weeks interval of inter-monsoonal rain increased the amount or the volume of water vapor in the atmosphere to form clouds.

When the rain did come in about  6 to 8 weeks cycles they were unusually heavy.

All the necessary conditions were there for flash floods.

It did not rain.

It poured.

Now what is the contribution of coal power?

It hindered the natural cooling of air currents over our comparatively shorter hill (they are not Himalyas) side.

It is only about 6000 to 8000 feet ascent.

What was the end result?

The rain clouds bypassed Sri-Lanka and landed on Indian subcontinent unleashing flash floods with never known rain in some part of India.

This is another time we collaborated with India.

They should congratulate our energy planners for introducing Coal Power for the windfall of water to India.

Only other time we collaborated was at the last Cricket World Cup.

With the help of politicians meddling with cricket we helped India to win.

We were generous.


It is far better to make almost 2 billion Indians happy instead of 20 million here.

That is our benevolence for Indians.

Instead of worshiping the millions of gods they believe in, the Indians should turn towards Sri-Lanka and make Namaskaras to our politicians and the energy planners who advice them for the windfall of the rains they got.

If we did not generate coal power we would have had the normal inter-monsoonal rains in shorter spells (humidity and saturation were enough to form rain clouds) of time and the rain would have landed here instead of in India.

One must not forget that Sri-Lanka is a small island only of 140 miles across and at the high speed of winds in upper atmosphere even big rain clouds can pass across in half an hour and reach mainland of India in 4 hours to precipitate as rain.

We are even generous to donate our rain clouds to poor Indian farmers.

So make sure the excess grains you produce sell back to Sri-Lanka and make a profit in times of our needs.

The end results of coal power are many,

1. Increase the rate of global warming.

2. Pollute our air we breath.

3. Interrupt our inter-monsoonal rain.

4. Donate rain clouds to Indian farmers.

5. Get the grain from India in return to feed our masses.

6. Divert Indian migrating Oriole to Sri-Lanka and make them breed here.

7. Develop a pattern of species extinction by interfering with upper air currents and to make them breed here so that the brood will not have enough grain to feed themselves.

Only sure recipe I know of,  for cooling our atmosphere is the rain that comes during inter-monsoonal spells and it cools the air while taking away the soot and all the poisons in the air with it.

All these information mentioned above are copyrighted and if any scientist use them, at least have the curtsey’s to acknowledge them as coming from simple observations of a doctor almost in retirement.

Solutions to overcome the lack of rain.

If I do not give solutions to the above problems our farmers may have to go through, I am a mis-informant, only good for the coffin sooner or later.

I will give the simplest to the more complex if the energy planners have the wisdom to institute them as a remedy.

They will prevent some of the maladies.

But global warming is a global issue.

We have to wait till year 2020 when America is ready to accept it as its own liability and culpability.

Simple Solutions.

1. Give up the 100% electricity dream.

2. Give up Coal power.

3. Revisit the wisdom of our old kings, water was the only asset we had and only asset we are going to have.

All the above can be achieved or disposed of without two third majority in the parliament.

More Complex Solutions.

1. Institute an ongoing study of how the air currents above our head (Sri-Lanka) behave.

2. Determine the factors that influence the air currents.

3. Till them generate Coal Power only during day time starting at 10 a.m and stop producing it at  4 p.m. when our shops close.

4. Use Hydroelectric power generation in the night.

The items 2 and 3 will simulate Natural Cooling Cycle (N.C.C) and minimize the effect of thermal power on natural cooling at night.

It will not bring 10 to 14 day cycles of yesteryear but at least minimize flash floods and heavy precipitation.

5. Come to a policy of 70% electricity sufficiency and declare zones of no electricity at all (not even gas/oil generated) covering at least 30% of the country’s designated rain forest.

7. Energy Tax or Global Warming TAX (GWT-Gonnu-WannanTa AthaDheemaX) for every mile on gas/oil and not for electric cars.

8. The most ambitious project is to make Piduruthala-Gala tallest mountain range in Asia, even taller than the Himalaya by declaring a project to make it taller in 6 years.

This is my miracle dream.

It can be done by putting all the rubbish advertisement that are intended for the next round of elections.

The papers should be pasted over Piduruthla-Gala (ROCK) commencing this Christmas, 2011.

When the end of the world come true in 2012 or after we can climb up and watch it up to the heaven from there.

Everyone who voted for this two third majority government except Tamils (they should continue to go to Kataragama as usual) should make a pilgrimage to Piduruthala-Gala and paste the paper over it with a water-resistant paste.

By the time of the next elections come,  it will be taller than the Himalaya and we will trap all the rain clouds.

We will be back to square one once again.