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Linux100-PureOS-Light and Standard

Very good light distribution of 366 MiB from Debian base. Guest and Root logging allowed. Only when logged as root one can install the distribution. Mouse based xfce x-windows is light on your RAM and very fast to boot.

Has all the utilities including Aniword.

The standard 700 MiB distribution is very beautiful and has Libre Office and gparted.The standard distribution is Gnome and is even better than xfce with blue hue used by Debian.

It based in France and the Administrator has taken all the trouble to list all the list of packages which may have taken an hour to type.

They are also promoting PureWebOS but I COULD NOT FIND the image to download.

This will be a healthy competition to HPWebOS, unless they decide to release it as OPEN SOURCE.

WordPress is also having a WebOS THAT CAN BE DOWNLOADED to a mobile phone.

Its light weight edition of PUREOS is also not available to download.