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TV Cards and Internet TV

Cricket World Cup sapped lot of time from all of us and it has done some good too.

I had to go back to windows for three days to install a TV Card and sound drivers and almost three days of struggling to find a suitable sound driver I manged to record the cricket match live in MPEG 4 compression. With MPEG  4 compression  I saved lot of DVDs.

Since I could not configure the card in Linux I decided to set a day and  try SuSe. It automatically configures hardware and there is facility for TV card but it has no information about Asia and Sri-Lanka.
Linux has the uncanny habit of going down to the repository and looking for modules and automatically configuring hardware.
SuSe is very good at automatic configuring (YAST) and other leading Linux distributions also should follow SuSe.

This is simply because respective TV regulators have not provided the necessary information to Linux developers.

There are lot of TV utilities and the following is a list.
1. Miro Internet TV
2. TV Time Television Viewer
3.TV Mosaic
4.Saw TV

I have not used any but I am going to try at least one of them an give a feed back when I am convinced that the utility does the job for me.