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Puppy is now Cloud Ready-Slacko- Slackware Based

It very nice feeling to announce that Puppy is cloud ready.
Once it is booted up on the desktop click the slickpet and one gets to  an alternative software manager to download cloud utility.
In seconds it downloads the cloud utility and one has window with all the current cloud utilities (except Ubuntu One) including Puppy web desktop, meebo, twitter, yahoo, Google and Dropbox (one has to download it.
It downloads Adobe Flash in few minutes (remember all these are in RAM) and one is instantaneously in the web.
Its Flash drive simulator can even simulate Floppy or a hard drive when using Flash Drive mode for booting.
It has all this in 124 of MiB.
It is only few weeks ago I wrote that Puppy should be cloud ready.
Thanks guys and girls in Australia and getting Slackware also into the fold with the Wolfer build.
This Live CD is amazing if one is should of hardware and money download and use it till you earn.
Mind you I got a  secondhand graphic card from a secondhand dealer (my graphic card is very very old-I am now ashamed I am still using it and most of the new Linux distributions are not supporting very old graphic cards) and I want it to be tested before installing newly downloaded Linux.
I use this computer for downloading and not for daily routines.