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Asus Transformer PRIME and Android (Google’s) Ice Cream Sandwich

Asus Transformer PRIME and Android (Google’s) Ice Cream Sandwich
Everybody is talking about Kindle Fire but what will take off with cool guys?

It would be ASUS Transformer PRIME.
I have no doubt about it.

Kindle Fire is the beginning and ASUS Transformer is the FUTURE.
Kindle is for education and GLOBAL CLASSROOM.
With its price tag it will become a GLOBAL DEVICE.
On the other hand cool guys and people like me who talk about software freedom will like to have hackable TABLETS.
Either DUAL booting with Kindle or Barnes Noble or run on its own with developers adding new features (that is what is happening in the Linux Community).
Already guy name STEVEN has hacked the Kindle bypassing the root-kit with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.
That is very good news!
I think Amazon should work with this guy and produce a Kindle (I want to name it as Kindle MORE) with MORE Hardware and SOFTWARE features which can happily dual boot without a root-kit.
Guys and Girls watch for year 2012 with innovations and C.E.Os who would embrace the hacking features and work with COOL guys/girls will win the trade WAR on TABLETS.

Don’t be like HP. I here they are going to decide on the WebOS.
I hope it is made available OPEN SOURCE.

For a starter one should leave Kindle Fire to establish first in the CLASSROOM.
Who knows even kids will learn how to hack it to COOL, COOL effects.