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Learning the lessons of life and point to point movement instead of jumping for pleasure.

Learning the lessons of life and point to point movement instead of jumping for pleasure.
The weather pattern has changed at least by three (3) months and the migratory birds that come in early April (Indian oriole) are still here. 
The rainfall was just enough to make plants survive, if one does not water them for three days, they are gone for good.
In good old days nobody water plants in Kandy and rest assured there is some inter-monsoonal rain at least once in 10 days to make sure nobody needs an exercise to water plants.
Palm trees especially the arecanut are disappearing fast and what remains is used for pandols. They need moist soil throughout the year for survival.
The rain came at an odd time disturbing the peace of tiny squirrels who came out ill prepared from their nest (because of the rain) and many lost their life to cats waiting for a meal.
They started jumping before actually walking across the tree trunks.
Having lost a large number as prey to cats now the remaining have learned basic lesson of survival.
Follow the trace (I think they leave a tiny bit of urine on tree trunks-urine is a universal marker in the animal world) on tree trunk or branches left by their elders or siblings, amble across instead of jumping and find their ways.
As I have noted earlier there is no undergrowth if a jumping effort fails or trees are far apart for their free movement.
My observation after watching the demise of the tiny ones tells me only way they can survive in my neighbourhood is by using the power lines that stretch from house to house (not telephone lines) and not trees.
They have realized point to point contact is the safest way instated of living in tree tops.
My house they have ample space and providing space for them have cut down on the rat population too.
They are intelligent and fast learners but few young one had to be sacrificed to learn the harsh realities of urban life.
If you love nature please do not have cat at home.

They are vultures, even though we feed them regularly and very lazy too and the rats know it well and come out only when they are asleep.

They are docile and sleep at least 16 hours a day and too lazy to catch rats.
They are good at stealing too from neighbours especially and have learned all the bad habits from humans.