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System Rescue-Gentoo

This is something one should have for an emergency.
It is Gentoo based.
Little over 300 MiB and has 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
Boots up fast.
has Pdf reader and gparted and partimage.
Even though I use Debian’s gParted for my work and partitioning this is one I will use one day in an emergency.
One feature that may be handy is it allows one to configure graphic card. With so many different graphic cards this feature it is a welcome change and it gives you a very eye pleasing graphic face to work with.
Even though I almost hate for Gentoo not including a install script in its Live DVDs and have never tries Gentoo except CD version some years back including KiWi, Gentoo has a great tradition of delivering an eye candy graphic face and multimedia capability which include XBMC.

I have used Sabayon (the dream we believe in), Russian based Calculate linux has some problem with configuring Graphic cards.