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Some irresponsible person probably working for Microsoft may be from India through Freespire derivative (hacked and included some scripts to invade my box and interfere with my downloading (I am close to my target of 100) habits was caught red handed within 4 hours of stay inside my computer probably within FireFox as a cookie. 

So I booted Live Black Track 4, saved few of my document files used for teaching undergraduate students (no harm done since I have finished my lectures and tutorials long time ago and I have only end semester examination. 

Never keep my questions inside the computer for the examination.

and did some forensic work and decided to re-install PCLinux2010-07 and I had (first complaint against PCLinux-its graphic partitioning tool has some major problems for a geek or a savvy) problem with formatting different partitions belonging to other operating systems (I use other partitions type as archives). 

I did not loose any of my iso images (Only downside was I could not download any images and the plus side is I am giving a new lease of life to my age old computer (IBM of course). 

Since it is black (BF4) saving many MiBs it is loaded with utilities you may not use for a life time. 

I have decided to install it and before that I thought of posting this for my friends who browse through my tit bits. 

Hacker you are also welcome.


My efforts are multi-barrel and I have several Linux distributions installed for an emergency. 

This is where multi-booting and

multi-barrel approach helps.