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Hypnotist with a Strong Man

This is just to illustrate even a Hypnotist cannot down a strong man.

But a weak man with legs across the aisle can down a top actor / hypnotist down to the level of concussion.

He was not mindful of himself and how could a man like him help others to be mindful?

That is my opening question.

But to make Micky out of all hypnotists, below is a true story acted by none other than 1st year Medical Students of the yesteryear.

Today’s students would take a leaf out of this story, who go for some bizarre training, without critical thinking.

My friend who succumbed to this indignation  is now in Australia in full retirement, if he sees these few lines of recollection, hope he gives me permission to bare the facts but name withheld by consensus.

He was a dignified soul in our batch and was not in our halls of residence.

He was our batch representative popularly elected without a challenge.

I was go between in the plot with diplomatic astute to convince the guy that one of our batch mates could hypnotize anybody with a strong mind.

We practice this in our halls of residence when everybody else is  in sleep and the time was well past midnight.

Suffice to say most of the strong guys in our hall of residence went through this ordeal.

On the day we prepared a room (not mine) for our show.

One of us went and pulled the main plug supplying electricity when the go signal was given.

Slowly but surely show went on.

We were dressed in trousers to begin with unlike today and one by one we changed to sarongs surreptitiously and our strong man was in a corner with hands clasp in warship mode.

Since this was the last show of hypnotism we took unusually a long time with lot of blah blah form the performer.

Then the final signal was given to switch on the electricity.

He was not happy at all even though the performer could not hypnotize him.


He had being worshiping our backside (sarong raised up) for nearly half an hour in the darkness and he realized only when we switched on the lights.

(We all had raised our sarong showing our back to him and he was not at all pleased).

He controlled his anger in good stead and we promised him that we will never tell the story to our female medical students and told him he was not the only one who went through this ordeal.

In other words he was baptized in the real world like Japanese karate men who never take the eye off from the focus of attention.

My apology above is if any of my female batch mates sees this now will guess who the guy was but he was not the only guy who was baptized (not hypnotized).

So anybody who closes one’s eye for the wish of any gullible performer would go through this indignation by his or her will.

I wish I could perform this to some of our TV showmen /women and politicians in power who are blinded with ego.

I hope the hypnotist who was the Fall Guy and not mindful to his own steps got the message wide / wild and clear and not to be a SHOWMAN to poor souls with weak minds.