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Linux Ultimatum-Finishing with FinniX

Linux Ultimatum-Finishing with FinniX
It is almost 3 years that I had being trying to promote Linux.
I am going to wind up writing on Linux from end of this month.
You won’t believe why I am going to do that.
It has nothing to do with Linux or visitors to my site.
Nearly half a million had visited my blog site.
Thank you and you had been a source of strength.
It is all due to money and price hike of electricity.
1. I cannot afford to pay a huge electricity bill.
It has almost tripled.
2. Second reason is slow internet.
3.Third is abrupt power cuts and interruption to downloads and my sleep.
 All these due to irrational Engineers who are paying lip service to politicians and bungling in economics and power generation.
Besides rain also failing when there is power cut we do not have water too.
We are heading for disaster like “crabs in a boiling pot”.
We are getting cooked for no fault of ours.
We sacrificed and tighten our belts when war was rampaging but we asked to do more.
This is not realistic to me.
Fortunately I have written four books which are available at Amazons during our industrial action period.
Currently I am writing a book on Placenta and its clinical relevance with any help from the University.
That is taking a big tall on me.
Finishing with Finnix, it is a tiny distribution of about 100 MiB with lot of administrative tools and bug fixes.
It is Debian based.
I am currently downloading it.
It (Finnix) came on the Valentine Day with love to all Linux guys and girls and we married on the day before.
I missed Finnix (Linux) and my wife missed or forgot the day we were got married.
I was one up on the deal.
If you are a Linux guy or a girl do not forget your loved ones, the community and your closest friends.
They need a little pat on the back.
I am currently listing all the little distributions (little book will be the outcome) and that will soon be in Kindle and Amazon.
So Good Bye.
I will be here if I have had good dreams with Maha Brahma helping me.
We need god’s help to get rid of the bad guys in politics who are ruining little we have.
THANK YOU, Google and you are doing a wonderful job.
The blog front has an easy and nice face front.
You have done a very good face lift.
WordPress is also doing wonderful stuff.

American Politics, British Diplomacy and Buddha’s Intelligent Inquiry-Kalama Sutta

If I have not read Kalama Sutta by the age of 16 years, I  may have, to begin with, would have been caught up and swallowed by the rationalist (almost nonfunctional today in this irrational country Sri-Lanka) deliberates.
There are 13 qualifications, one has to apply if one is an open inquirer.
So read Kalama Sutta before reading this.
I ended up as an independent thinker, never believing anything what the white man said.
We were under 500 years of foreign invader influence, it is probably inbuilt in my system not to believe them and probably many Sri-Lankan of today have lost that inbuilt defense we had, especially the politicians and political refuges who leave and become prisoners of conscience.
I can dispense with British easily.
In about 6 months in Britain, I realized that what they say is not what they mean.
That included medical men too.
This is at ground zero level where most of us end up in Britain.
In diplomatic level they do it in a professional manner and unlike the ordinary British who survive on a meager salary, they are paid very well.
How better or brazenly one can lie while blazing a blue-collar and tie is the standard of British Diplomacy, at all levels.
They do not mean what they say.
Only people who can beat them in the game are Americans.
(Compare President Bush and PM Blair relationship)
I have had limited association with the Americans and it took many years of rational and independent analysis, only after leaving them though, to get the correct  assessment and true picture of what they really meant.
See how Obama came into power with full-scale liberal views and end up as a stubborn personality and not listening to people power but continuing what Bush did better than what Bush would have figured it out but pretend to the whole world he is different.

Unlike British there are some genuine and stupid Americans too.

Otherwise they would not have elected him for the first time.
If they elect him for second time my above genuine analysis would be confirmed without any doubt or contention.
Polls as at present prove that I am right at this point of time.
Unlike British they pay well for your services.
I do not know how one is paid under President Obama.
I am not interested who should become the next American President, let the stupid and brilliant Americans decide it.
But they are well advised by me to read the Kalama Sutta before voting next time round.
Coming back to America and American politics, they are not a benevolent society.
Obama pretended to be benevolent to the masses but he is truly benevolent  to the rich.

Chrysler bail out is one object lesson.
They have the capitalist mentality at all levels and success depends on how much one is prepared to get returns for initial investment.
Good examples are Microsoft and Speculators.
Now that Microsoft is having a nose dive, Apple is trying to get into that niche.
I-pads and educational material that they are planning to copyright are trying to swallow the stupid Americans in one stroke.
They propagate the universal truth which a myth by all standards, more educated one is and more one spends on education, more productive one is when employed.
But no education standards were necessary to get the bail outs.
The standard is how bad an American fails in his or her business. 
What ever the voters may say they always win and many a small Americans will have to foot the bill. 
In this context, Amazon did an amazing and wonderful thing by introducing Kindle Fire (selling below cost price) and creating, in this big business world of Education and the hold that the publishers have on writers.
They are all out to kill this experiment.
Amazon is a successful business empire.
There is nothing wrong with it.
But at least in education Amazon’s vision is somewhat benevolent.
American politics who ever who becomes the next president will kill this endeavour  in its budding stage.
I hope I have not jumped or triggered the America gun mentality.
Time will tell what I say now will be right or wrong.
It is tilted towards ipad and Big Apple and not towards Amazon’s effort.
If Apple wins it is a disaster for the entire world of education.

Dream 25

Dream 25
I was in an air port.
This airport was different and I had to purchase the ticket from the airport counter itself.
There were lot of other people queuing to buy tickets.
Lot of them looked like refugees trying to enter a new country.
I had one heavy luggage and a light handbag.
Somehow I managed to get a ticket for the immediate flight.
I checked the heavy luggage in a hurry.
Then I entered an area which looked like the departure lounge but looked very primitive.
I went into a gate to inquire and they checked my ticket with the only computer they had and said I have to wait for another 9 hours, for the flight.
When I asked why?
I was told that the pilot had not reported for work.
I felt strange.
They then told me the real departure lounge is a walking distance away from where we were and there are no taxis to take you there.
It is a nice walkaway, by the side of the Hotel International, I was told.
Since I had a very light hand luggage, I decided to take a stroll.
I walked past the hotel, thinking it was only a joyride.
Moment I passed the hotel, I went into a heavily buildup area and lost my way.
I asked a passerby to show me the way and he said go straight and down.
I went up straight and ended up on top of a steep wall and there was no way to climb down.
Then by stroke of luck I found a side walk which was dirty and rickety.
With difficulty I finally reached the bottom which led to what looked like a street market.
There were a lot of people who were doing lot of road side buying and selling.
Quite like, London in medieval times.
I felt I had been laid the wrong garden path.
To begin with, I lost all my belongings with my heavy luggage at the entrance of what for all intents and purposes was a bogus airport.
I was frightened and woke up immediately.
Posted this to Maha Brahma after the dream 26 was posted, thinking this has no relevance to it.
Maha immediately responded and asked me why this was not posted with the other.
I said I did not see any connection.
He said this has a direct relationship.
You will know it better when I expand on the story.
In your dream 26 I said one has to follow 10 points.
If Sri-Lankan do not follow those instructions to the letter, what I am going to say now will happen in about 50 years, he said.
Things are not rosy in 50 years time.
Can you guess?
Global Warming.
Global warming is already set in and it won’t change.
I think so.
It was only yesterday my pet fishes were almost cooked to dinner from direct sunlight.
All of them were floating on top of the water and I rescued them in nick of time and put them in some buckets that contained cooler water.
Had I come half an hour late, all of them would have been dead.
What did you do afterward.
I changed the water with some cool water I had collected for an emergency.
Then I covered the top and side with black plastic sheeting.
Fixed a new filter.
Put the air compressor on full throttle.
Did your fish die.
Thank god, not this time!
I checked the indoor temperature later which was 90 Fahrenheit and outside was probably higher.
Fish die at 84 F and it was touch and go scenario.
Can you have a second guess.
No fossil fuel and no planes.
That’s right my boy.
In fifty years from now there are no fossil fuel and no airbus industry.
The airports built now will be idling and the industry that were built around them will go bankrupt.
Soon the jungle take over the periphery.
But there will be few animals and the entire elephant fleet in the jungle is not more than fifty.
They roam in 5 to 10 in a herd and go violent moment they see humans.
Since humans now do not have jeeps or vehicles and have to travel by foot elephants do not fear humans anymore.
They rule the little vegetation that is there.
Global warming has caused untold misery in this country and it is no different from Dubai where England now play cricket with Pakistan.
Why did you interrupt my dream?
If I left it for another five minutes you would have lost the hand luggage and, you thought of hiding in the jungle nearby.
Had you entered there for cover the elephants will trample you to death.
I had to intervene for your safety.
Can you tell me where this place was?
The name is something like Hambantota.
I got it.
See you soon.

Dream 26

Dream 26.

I had a long night sleep and woke up with a very nice dream.
I was in plane and I was 20 years younger.
The scenario played was as if they were trying to match me a girl who was of a different race and quite young.
The instruction was to interview the said person and handover an important portfolio to the lady.
It was very important portfolio and the interview had to be done inside a plane where radio-communication had to be dead.
Nobody could know that this interview has had happened on terrestrial arena.
This was like an American President  makes a very important decisions while on flight from one city to another.
I did not ask why they selected me for this interview as the interviewer.
It was top secret mission.
The opening scenario was like matchmaking and hitchhiking.
I was introduced to the lady who looked smart by his brother.
He was teasing her and saying that she ought to be able to play good old games and not modern games.
There was an obvious a generation gap and I felt old myself.
My opening question was could she play card games.
She looked at her brother and said, that 94, Ormie ans 304 (last two are  Sir-Lankan card games and the first one I have never heard, before).
Then I asked can you play bridge?
She said no.
That’s very good.
You may be able to make a nice cup of tea or coffee, instead of teasing your brain with bride contracts.
Then I was woken up quite pleased but baffled
Today is our Independence Day and this must surely have some important logic.
I immediately I posted this to Maha Brahma. 
The dream I had before this dream was kept in reserve for a future date.
As usual Maha was prompt in his M.V.M (Maha’s Vice Mail).
I asked him, why did you interrupt the dream.
I did not, he said.
You may have interrupted it fearing a heart attack with the possibility of a match making with a girl half of your age.
I said it is a done thing nowadays in this country and the fellow dies soon and the girl inherits everything what the first wife would have got.
I said I was interviewing for an important protocol and it was not light hearted.
I said I was crossed with that interruption, with whoever who did it in the first instance.
Then he said, it is most likely a politician who had tapped into your system.
I have no political inclinations.
But you love peace, don’t you?
YES, everybody likes PEACE.
Do you like to hear the interpretation.
Do you have any dealing with A.P.C.
I do not belong to any party and I have no connection to All Party Conference
Besides I am not a MP but a good citizen by descent but have no role to play.
You are wrong.
In your dream you were selected as the best person to represent ordinary people.
You had a 10 point plan.
Did I?
All of them are good but politicians hate your proposals.
That may have been the reason for interruption to your dream.
I told him I cannot remember anything about the 10 points.
Calm down my boy.
I have recorded them for you.
Can you state them slowly.
I want to write them in a piece of paper and post them in my blog post.
Can I state the copyright belongs to you.
Media freedom is available only to a few in government guys like FBI, with this SOAP operation, in full swing in America.
Is it globally applicable.
Are you ready?
Yes, SIR
1. Number 1
Abolish the Presidency.
My heavens!
How can we do that?
This, American president can take any country to his palm and decide its fate now or never.
Why never?
If the country does not listen he can decimate it with a press of a button.
One nuclear arsenal is enough but some countries like Israel are protected.
I do not know?
Ask the president and the secretary.
Can this be applied to Sri-Lanka.
You got to be kidding!

2. Number 2
Do not have a National Flag.
That is a wonderful idea.
We do not have to hoist it on a cold January morning and only two third will rise to it and one third will not.
In times of war it is one less item to be carried to the war front.
Besides American would be spared of this gesture of burning it in front of their embassy with religious flavour.
What about the UNO?
If we do not have national flags UNO could be closed for good.
That is excellent predicament. 
3. Number 3
Abolish all political parties.
I don’t like it Sir.
Two reasons, Sir.
We become a one party state.
Second we will not have the fun of watching the ruling party making all the tricks to destroy the aspiring opposition.
Beside we do not watch cricket now and this is the only game to watch on daily basis.
Without politics people will starve to death.
If coconut goes to Rs.100/= we have a party to blame, especially those who are in power.
I do not like that idea at all.
We all are political animals.
4. Number 4
Ban all the National Anthems.
That is a very good idea.
We can start a football game or any game without hoisting the flag and the anthem.
We can finish all the games five minutes early even if one is watching them on TV.
If we count the number of games played in and year and multiply by five we have an enormous saving for productive work for one’s own country.
Do you have national anthem in heaven.
5. Number 5
Ban allocating colours to political parties and countries.
I do not see any advantage of that at all in that proposal.
This is an environmentally friendly gesture.
The we will have only greens and nothing else.
Besides it saves a lot in paint usage for political purposes.
Colours are only for the advertisement industry.
Every time a government changes the industry guys / girls do not have to paint their business place with the colour of the ruling party.
I am sorry I did not think that way.
6. Number 6
Cancel Elections
This comes as a collateral advantage of not having parties.
7. Number 7
Have one universal language.
I am not going to propose any current language.
It should be like a computer language.
8. Number 8
Cancel the Z-score
That is very exciting.
How do we conduct examinations?
I have a very simple solution.
Give a common paper.
If all the students do not get 100 out of 100, sack the teacher.
Then re-train the teachers to teach.
That looks promising.
9. Number 9.
Close all universities for good.
That is very retrogressive know?
No it will save a lot of agony for the current government.
There is no minister.
There are no professors.
There are no salary issues.
There are no industrial actions.
Then what happens to me.
Go and start treating patients instead of teaching good values.
What are you going to do with the money saved?
That is a very good question.
10. Number 10
Ban all weapons of destruction globally.
The money saved should be used to teach this.
That is the only education mankind needs now.
All these schools should be raised to University Level.
Only have one professorship.
That is the Professor of Peace at all times.
Then all these institutes like Amnesty International and the N.G.Os who are selling Peace for Money will cease to exist and world peace will prosper.