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This is a Debian based distribution using Enlightenment Environment,

It has lot of other utilities including boot manager which a newbie should not fiddle with lest you destroy the booting sequence.

It looks like Debian based
distributions are asserting themselves when commercial interests intervene their development. 

Sidux has changed to Aptosid and Mandriva is going through its own destruction.
There is only a thin line between free software and commercial ventures.

Google and Oracle are also causing some concern.


Zenwalk is a derivative of Slackware which has organized itself like a Zen Master in meditation, rigid in discipline and conduct of its affairs.

I was waiting for its next release (2010 Live CD) but it never came and I have to preempt and write something now before I forget to include it in my 100 Linux live CDs.

It is of the mold of PCLinux, innovative in one sense and conservative in another sense.

It’s live CD is xfce based has everything except installation script.

It has proprietary drivers in stock and works with both old and new computers.

It has Core CD, Standard Cd, Live CD, Zencafe, a new edition and several updates of its install CD and an open box version.
It is light weight, fast to boot and connect to internet instantly and it’s home page is excellent.

It has all the ingredients I look for and is stable.

If I was not hooked to PCLinux this would have been my first choice.

Please read it’s reviews (from user base) before you decide on it or believe me.

Please also give a donation and I hope they come out with a Live CD with install option for me to try, soon.

Well done!


PCLinux-2010-07 has released its latest CD. True to its origin keep it slim and fast unlike other KDE versions.
Go and download and enjoy Linux;
It is my Gold standard of Live installable CD.
It also has lighter weight versions and gnome versions too to download.
Pick is yours.
Do not forget to send a donation too.
This update was done on the fly with its live CD.
If you have problem with linking to the internet, the fault is with the Sri-Lankan Telecom.
Make a complain to Telecom and ask for a modem that does support Linux.
If you do not get a proper service let me know in return of wire post.
We have to pressurize them to do that.
Good Luck with Telecom!

Linux Mint-Revisited

It is time for me to revisit Ububtu defivative Linux Mint.
I can now answer why it is high op on the list of choices made by newbies (and groovies like me) closely running neck and neck to PCLinux?

It is elegant and packs everything a newbie would like to have including open office (which bloats any new distribution).

It’s is attractive design takes the eyesore of Ubuntu brown out of sight.

It is green and makes Greenies (every green earthlings would be happy-with the oil spill of BP doing enormous damage to every earthling which even the Oboma administration cannot ignore) happy.

I have added another category called OEM (massive 100 points) which new manufactures with commercial bias cannot dare to ignore.

Now that the OEM is available Linux cannot be a pushover in the commercial world which some of the commercial Linux versions are ignoring.

Good luck to Linux Mint.

PCLinux-2010.1 and PCLinuxE17 plus XorduS

PCLinux-2010.1 and PCLinuxE17 are pretty good and reluctantly though I formatted my hard drive including home partition to install them in two of my computers.

I bet anybody who test the Live CDs would do that.

Both have Apple not Microsoft feel.
They are my gold standards and score is well above 1200 out of 750.

Hat’s off to the team and I hope they will soon come out with a Server Version.
Even though the Ubunbtu 10.4 was good its Server Version had some problem with My Server naming a for b and b for a (hard drives) and I had to use Debian to correct the Grub File.
Debian’s XorduS with net install of all the (top ten) major Linux distribution is making life easy for newbies and groovies,


For 400 odd megabytes this live CD with Xfce is one of the best and very very fast to boot.

Once in the in the internet you are directed to the enormous resource base of DEBIAN and is a clear winner in the light weight category.

Hat’s off to you at Debian.

It has given a knock out punch to all other Live CDs and hence, I want allocate any marks except stating it should be taken as a Benchmark to assess others.

Linux-100-01-Linux Mint-LXDE

With much thought I have formulated a marking scheme for all Linux distributions from LXDE, to Live CD to DVD and special dedicated distributions for kids, education and science.

For a Live LXDE I give 750 points.

For a good Live, stable and installable CD I give 1000 points.

My gold standard is PC Linux 2009.2 which gets 1200 well above the 1000 marks.

For a comprehensive DVD the minimum is 3000 but could go up to 4000 points on its needs.

I just tabulated Linux Mint 8 LXDE and got a score of 705 out of 750.

It has no games even for a light evening.

Taking from Ubuntu it major weakness is not having an administrator.

No Skype and K3B.

Otherwise it is sleek, beautiful and elegant.

I would like to give it a newbee.