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Cloning, Maha Brahma and American Pie

Maha Brahma (really his assistant) was bit confused with cloning and I need to send him a email with some facts.
Maha is good at making something out of nothing and he never had the pleasure of making something out of something what humans are very good at like making profits.
For example the tea dust costs about Rs. 5 to 10/= for a cup of tea but when tea is made into hot cup of tea it costs Rs.50 to 100/= nowadays in the city.
This we call value added and not profits.
When Maha is thirsty he makes vine (one flavour) from nothing and drinks and there is no value adding.

It nice for humans to visit heaven when they perfected a spacecraft now that endeavour is in limbo and see how they make things without any value added or taxes and enjoy it in one flavour instead of many.
He was in a hurry and (email chat of course) and I could not dispense him all the details. 
We are now doing nothing except industrial action and new entrants-going to be, are doing physicals in army camps, I was itching to let myself go (four weeks of no lectures is not something we are accustomed to) but he was only interested of my dreams and nothing else.
I missed part of my dream also.
I do not know what happened to the clones (two) and what happen to the originals brothers (twins).
My guess is that clones would have kill themselves and twins would have retired to grave digging.
Regard to cloning if one wants best results one has to clone the cells at the time of birth from cord blood and not when one is 60 years old with some underlying cancer brewing and waiting to hit the wall / fit the coffin when cells are old like in the Dolly the sheep and will have multiple deficits.
So if any of the present day leaders including Qaddafi wanting to clone it is too late for the going and must try next birth if he do wish to come back to earth for war games.
We have 50 somatic cell cycles and we spend almost 40 to 42 by the time of one year.
From the rest of it, about 5 are spent by puberty and the last of it is all what we have before we drop dead.
In my estimate none of the present leaders qualify for cloning even if they wish.
They know how, was there only over the past 20 years or so and none of the present leaders are under 20.
This applies to the kith and kin of the present day leaders if the are of eligible age for cloning.

I hear very damning information from WiKiLeaks.

America is making a stockpile of war heroes like Saddam and Bin laden and incubating them for the next world order.

They used Saddam and Bin Laden for best of 15 years and when they go awry makes 10 to 20 times the effort to get rid of them
When it happen in Sri-Lanka, they cry “helter skelter oohh’ and cry foul.
I suppose intended use of our man was not accomplished to their wishes, namely dividing the country to pieces of cake to eat.
In Middle East, they waited over 20 to 30 years and when oil resource is dwindling, they make a NATO strikes to get rid of oil shieks.
This is international “War Games’ played according to their timetable and our time table of ridding of Terror made in India Terror is human rights violation.
There is nothing nothing to beat this duplicity from Bush, to Blair to Obama.
The are all horrible democrats!
I hear very damning information from WiKiLeaks.

America is making a stockpile of war heroes like Saddam and Bin laden and incubating them for the next world order.
They are going to plant them in the Muddle East once the uprisings are over and keep the clones in America for safety and if in case any one of them misbehaves he or she is eliminated and the brainwashed clone is instituted.
That is the next world order coming from America.
They are going to clone IMF leaders too.