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Dog Puzzle with Economic Stint

Dog Puzzle with Economic Stint

This is a puzzle I leave you to solve in the coming new year.

If you are an American I sympathize with you for using American businessman as a case study.

You should not be worried.

He/she is hypothetical in my puzzle

The dog is typical Sri-Lankan Paraya (stray ) dog.

He/she was speculator, Hedge Fund Raiser and a swindler par excellence in money markets world wide.

He/she (hereafter only he) is 25 years of age and recently had a bypass surgery.

He wishes to live up to ripe old age of 80 with the ill-gotten money.

He would like to raise a dog for his companionship.

Because of his swindling he no longer has friends.

Q.1.How many dogs he has to raise in the next 45 years?

Q.2. When he has to have a bypass operation for his dog to prolong its life by 5 years (equivalent to 30 to 50 human years).

Q.3. How much it costs for a bypass for the dog?

Q.4. What happen to the will that was written in the name of the first dog?

Q.5.Is there a Carry Over Hedge Fund (C.O.H.F) for the next dog?

Q.6. How much is the value of it?

Q.7. When he actually dies at 80 what is the age of the dog (dog age not human)?

If you have correct answers not hypothetical please post it under comments.