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Mandriva Update

Mandriva is a good idea very badly implemented.

The good idea is resurrecting once one of my favorite (I could not wait for the next release) distributions from bankruptcy.

Thank for the injection of some 3 millions.
Next is is the 3 million well spent.
I do not think so.
It is going to become regimented Russian enterprise (unfortunately we Sri-Lankans including new entrants to the university are getting regimented) without creative inputs.
The idea of using KDE only is horrible to say the least.
It is Incorporated with Unity Type additions and take up all the GiB of my RAM and cannot even get LibreOffice (another good idea) on in a live session. I have only 1 GiB on my workhorse machine.
Even PCLinuxFullMonty which is a Gorilla of a distribution consumes that amount of RAM on a Live Session. With that scenario putting installation separate was a very good idea otherwise few of the RAM cards of poor uses will be consumed or fully burned.
It might become another Linux distribution Like ALT almost Russian based and no use for the third world countries like ours.
I could not even fire up FireFox and gave up and cannot make any further comments.
This is not going to be one my favorites for sometimes and a considerable time in future.
Thanks guys and girts making it little over 1.5 GiB otherwise i would have had a heart attack waiting its full download in this Banana Republic.
I will be promoting UNity Linux (not Ubuntu’s Desktop) from now onwards, since it’s refined concept of bare bone Linux (OpenBox) from which ore useful and custom distributions can be built on.
I am currently downloading Unity’s derivative of musicians edition of HUMANity.
I will be with you soon with comment on that and not anymore of Mandriva for sometime.