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Poseidon Linux for Scientific Packages

I said I was running out of ideas for Linux newbies, a little premature and within 24 hours I have to post this on Poseidon Linux.
I also said that I may concentrate on academic activities.
This is about Poseidon Linux latest version and about scientific packages including statistics and gplot.
This is Ubuntu based distribution ans has all the scientific packages one may use in K12 level.
It has Scribus, Blender, Inkscape and Open Office and it will be handy on a school setup.
Few thinks it lacks is Skype, gparted and games which can easily be downloaded if one needs them.
This will fit in nicely in a school environment.
Only problem with it is, it does not have a torrent file and my download from point to point broke down twice and the third time I was lucky and it took over one day(night) of downloading.

I hope the guys and girls in Poseidon will sort that out soon.