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Computer Aided INvestigative Environment)-Caine 2.5

CAINE (Computer Aided INvestigative Environment) is a GNU/Linux Live CD distribution.
The CAINE forensic framework contains a collection of tools wrapped up into a user friendly environment. Furthermore introduces novel important features; it aims to fill the interoperability gap across different forensic tools, it provides a homogeneous GUI that guides digital investigators during the acquisition and analysis of electronic evidence, and it offers a semi-automatic process for the documentation and report compilation.
The CAINE distribution offers all the main commodities of a typical Ubuntu desktop: easy-to-use environment, highly customizable architecture, reliable interfaces and a enhanced packed-oriented software distribution system.
The GNOME desktop offers a well known and efficient graphical environment to the digital investigator.
It is built from the standard version of Ubuntu Linux 10.04.
It can be booted into a PC under investigation as a live CD.
It can be installed into a forensic laboratory PC as a permanent operating system.
It has a beautiful desktop.