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Light Weight Portable, Private and Secure or is it?

Happy Independence day to all Americans and would be (aspiring) Americans! Light Weight Portable, Private and Secure or is it?

It looks like American Defense Industry is  doing catching up service (activity).
Sometime Americans let me laugh at myself.
I am not antiamerican (there is no word called antiamerican in the American dictionary) in philosophy but in ideology.
My theme is small is beautiful.
The American ideology is bigger the best. 
The Thinking Big is IBM philosophy.
In other words, the richer an American becomes better is for the world.
The American dream is become rich from cradle to the grave, even if you are not a politician.  Our dream is let only politicians become rich by default

My theme is “become rich just enough to become small in thinking of becoming big but big in thinking to be sustainable and not become a big White (or Black or Yellow or brown) Pest in this world which cannot afford to have anymore with scarce resources.
I like one American Philosophy and that is to be liberal in thinking not aristocratic or regimented like in a orthodox religion.

Become a free thinker and an open inquirer.

The WiKiLeakes has done enough damage to American esteem and reputation and they are adopting some of my Linux strategy in practice.
United States of America’s Department of Defense has produced a Linux Live CD for public use probably for Americans abroad and would be non-american spies in the Middle East (Not necessary in Sri-Lanka, we do not have secrets that Americans do not know except the last two days of our departure or radio silence when most essential silence was maintained by the defense establishment which American have to come here and learn from out Big Ball Boys of Cricket-how to land a carom ball or a googly at will- we never tell English boys how much Mahela is going to score in the next match or the World Cup final).

Sri-Lanka is the only country in this world where Americans do not need to have any secret spies and our defense secretary is American by registrations and does not trust American a wee bit but our mothers would be when pregnant, do not say Baby going to London town but My Baby is going to New York or Washington is the current theme and from mothers to fathers to babies will give American embassy their money to spy on our mother Lanka.

It is amazing to see they are stealing my original Sri-Lankan ideas and I feel bit redundant, though.
1. Number one is Light Weight (Bonobo type of Linux distributions-SLiTaz is only 30 MiB) distributions in Linux
2. Number two of my ideas is make all distribution Public including Microsoft and Apple which are all American Creations with serious bugs when WiKILeaks  used them exposed them.
In other words American inventions are the most reliable security lapses that we can exploit to get American secrets.
3. For security I say go for Linux and the Americans have turned to Linux for safety and security but leaving daring loop holes in execution of them.
Having said that they are new to Linux and one never uses root permission (only when one roots on top of a problem or underdog) to boot but their Live CD is already booted and rooted all the time like American based French IMF guys.
Another alarming feature is hashed passwords are stored in the would be-readable /etc/passwd file, that can be cracked.
The funniest part and which I laugh at length is they are promoting my AntiMicrosft stance from the DoD (Department of Defense) which accepts Microsoft is the biggest liability.
Another great idea is to use Flash  which recently had breached security through FireFox browser.
These American in the Defense Department got them all wrong and Linus Torvalds must be laughing nonstop like over nonstop singers and dancers. 
American please use this distribution at your own liberty and risk but non-americans beware that this must be another ploy to make some unrest in the Middle East which they are fast losing ground.
I am downloading it and will be very elaborate when I give my next comment.
If you need more details please visit distrowatch weekly review but thier description lacks funny tone coming from America.
American do not know how to laugh at themselves and DoD has given them a big opportunity.
Use when there is freedom of disposal, Linux-wise.