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MOFO Linux-Porteus Derivative

With only 2 seeders and after several;l days of waiting I manged to download MOFO Linux which is a derivative of Porteus (which is a derivative somewhat defunct SLAX).
I was particularly interested since its release stated it can be installed into hard disk but I could not find an install script.
It can be installed into a Flash drive with the ability to save data on Flash drive.
I did not try but that is what it says.
It has like Portues packed amazing array of packages in 379 MiB with lot of KDE utilities.
Same comment as for Portues hence I do not expand anymore.
It good that MOFO and Portues are keeping the traditions of SLAX.
Small and portable but packed with utilities and ability to download Modules.

My answer to Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Critics

My answer to Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Critics

It looks like Ubuntu Linux has given lot of heartaches to its fan base.
I only use Ubuntu for demonstration of Linux versatility.
I am bit different compared to other Linux uses.
When I demonstrate Ubuntu I always say “Linux is not only Ubuntu”.
My point is to state that there are over 100 lovely Linux distributions for one to try.

Unlike the majority I strongly support the canonical’s new move to Unity.
I will only state one out of the many reasons.
Because of the smart move by Microsoft to give XP to OEM guys with netbooks, practically free, Linux could not penetrate netbooks.

If Ubuntu does not penetrate emerging tabloids market another opportunity will be lost..
Linux will be ahead of both Mac and Microsoft (Like the Android of Google) because of this move of Unity.
It is a smart move by the Ubuntu creator Mark Shuttleworth.
Only smart people will survive in this game.

I think ones who had come from Microsoft base will spread this negative publicity with hidden agenda but young and newbies will embrace Unity without reservation.
Time will be best judge whether what I say will materializes.

Ubuntu has to do one small thing right to shut the negative campaign.
Give them both options in a single DVD (two images for the prize of one, old and the new Unity) and I am sure they also will embrace Unity in no time.
I believe they already give this option and if thereis any problem Mint is there to fill the void.

Having said that Big Brother or the Good Father Debian will beĀ  there to take the free open software to another level without anybody noticing it.
That is why I support many distributions.
For example Porteus (SLAX) base has done a excellent job without much funfair.
It is one of the best (KDE, LXDE) little distribution that has hit the market.
It is a little gem.