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SUMO Linux

SuMo Linux is a compilation of 4 security Linux headed by Backtrack 3, Helix, Smurai Linux, Damn Vulnerable Linux and DBAN.
Even though Backtrack is into version 5 (five) and even backtrack 3 which is a Ubuntu derivative is good enough to track compromised computer and deliver offensive counter attack when a hacker tries to enter into your system.
This is for the Geeks and Savvy Linux developers but even a newbie can download and learn the geeky stuff like a professional guy.
As far as I was concerned I used it once when a guy from India, probably with the knowledge of some proprietary commercial distributions initiative tried to stop my download of Linux which I detected in about 3 hours and traced it back to India.

Since then I have used certain amount of firewall and I am not paranoid about attacks now and if somebody attacks me I will trace back and counterattack appropriately even if the computer happen to a be zombie and destroy its ability to act as a zombie or destroyed it totally out of web context.

I hope nobody ventures that far so that I have to explore the dark side of web episodes and Linux pro-activity.
Even Sumurai will do the needful for me.