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Does the quality Count?

Does the quality Count?

For me it is a big YES.

That is why I used to go abroad and enjoy “a bit hospitality” (trade) for at least a few days.

Before the war 40 years ago we were the best exponent of quality in hospitality trade.

After 40 years of long war we have lost the touch of how to address a fellow being (without any racial bias or political bias).

I thought in two years after the war, the hospitality will spring back if not to its pristine form but at least at the level or some semblance of the old self will come back.

I do not see any shining examples.

If one looks at the parliament and its exposition we are still in the JUNGLE AGE.

I think the JUNGLE AGE was better.

The word “Quality” has lost its meaning.

Nobody uses it anymore.

There is no word in Sinhala to express it

Sad to say we have not made a headway, after 2 years in all the fields from Education to Economics to Business.

I put the blame entirely on POLITICIANS.

They were the TIME WASTERS.

We had two solid years of ELECTIONS and DIRTY CAMPAIGNS.

They were ready to take the credit for their achievement in the WAR FRONT.

Long drawn out power politics, which followed victimization and litigation (except election petition which was done off summarily) soon after and the decimation of opposition views have put an end to any attempt at  the healing the CHRONIC wounds.

Like the beggars wound we are selling it for what, I do not know?

When politicians do not set an example or at least try to become role models  they become ugly dinosaurs in front of the poor voter.

The dinosaurs went extinct but these political guys PROSPER without any value addition.

One cannot expect this reciprocation from underworld, though they PROSPER and kill each other for the remaining SPOILS.

This is a serious melody

I have long list of it poor QUALITY PRODUCTS but I would be brief.

1. I have already expressed my view about TEA, it is not CELEBRITY, a drink or something to boast off. Its quality is worse than Kenyan TEA.

2. No need to mentioned about RICE. 

We are Hunasal (good not for even beggars) eating NATION.

There is no attempt made to dish out QUALITY RICE.

Quality Rice only for EXPORT.

3. Even the Banana leaves with which we wrap our RICE meal has lost its quality.

4. No need to talk about the Bulath Kole (Beetle Leaves). 

It is only a political symbol now and that label itself is enough to destroy its QUALITY.

5. This is Christmas time. 

We are not ready for forgive and forget.

War mentality is deeply engraved in.

6. Even in Universities young ones have failed to grasp the value of reconciliation. 

Dispute after dispute and government is not clean in their approach. 

Young ones have never known love for a prolong period of over 30 years.

Unfortunately both students, academic and non-academic community have gone astray.

7. Banana we eat is horrible with UREA injected.

8. Biscuits have gone from bad to worse.

9. Chocolates are equally bad.

10. Quality of milk powder has gone down. 
Even yogurt is of poor quality and one can get diarrhoea with one brand (with my personal experience and never buy that brand now).

Yogurt was my follow up remedy (food) for one who is recovering from an episode of diarrhoea.

Not any more.

11. JAMS and FRUIT EXTRACTS are the worst. ALL the fruits that are good for garbage is made JAMS and FRUIT cocktails.

One can cannery sold to a foreign management is the worse culprit.

I do not buy anything from this company.

12. SHOES and footwear is something I want to writ but I decided to expand the scope with an average voter in mind.
One can wear a pair only about three months.
I have worn out three in spite of three months of strike this year.
Read my dream to get the details about how I manage my footwear.
I can repair one shoe at a time and I am waiting for the salary increment promised to repair the other SHOE.
If a Pakistani / Iraqi visitor comes I will donate them (very smelly) and I will not give instructions how to one SHOE at a time.
They have already perfected the strategy with President BUSH (poor Mr.BUSH) and we have many in this country both in POWER and OPPOSITION.
I do not agree even with rotten EGGS. Eggs are food material and if rotten we can make them into SHAMPOO in Sri-Lanka.
Till then I wear one shoe at a time and I already have backache due to bad posture.

All these comparisons are relative to 10 years ago.

All the items mentioned above except reconciliation were better then.


Everything has gone up in prices due to bad fiscal policy and debts.

Everybody is cutting corners to stay in business.

They have sacrificed quality for quantity.

It is another malady which we have not begun to think about or address it properly.

It is already 2 years gone and golden opportunities were lost.

I think at least this Christmas we must make a resolve to address  only  a few of the above especially the spreading of loving kindness, the essence of every religion.

We must give the politicians a long holiday, till the next elections.

We must act NOW for them to feel empty (rhetoric’s only) and we have lost the TRUST in them.

WE CAN spread the message of GOODWILL to our fellow beings including animals.


Even the national papers are guilty of the crimes of connivance at least in politically PARTISAN WAYS.


Quality Counts even in Reconciliation.

We can show the politicians what they lack.

They lack in common sense.

GIVE MORE and take LESS including our precious time (without attending to political speeches) when a sick, a disabled or one who needs help is passing by.



That is the beginning of RECONCILIATION.

Mind you time is limited and we lose  this opportunity, the history will repeat itself.

Like FLOODS it is worse than the previous episode.