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Debt Collectors and the Pain they cause US.

Debt Collectors and the Pain they cause US.

How to Stop Calls-The American Way.

Phone calls are one of collectors’ most powerful weapons.
But under federal law, repeated calls, obscene language, threats of arrest and threats of violence are all illegal.
Consumers need only to send a collector a written letter asking the collector to stop contacting them, and the collector must comply.
After receiving such a letter, collectors are allowed to contact the consumer only to state that there will be no further contact, or to let the consumer know they plan to take a specific action, like filing a lawsuit.
Putting an end to the phone calls doesn’t erase the debt, “but it at least gives you some breathing room,” to the painful encounter.
If the firm ignores the letter and keeps calling, consumers can file a complaint with the FTC and their state attorney general.
They may also be able to sue: Generally, if a collector is found to have violated the federal law, the consumer could be awarded $1,000 in statutory damages, plus legal fees.
Above does not apply to US only US and we have no instruments or mechanism to avoid harassing by debt collectors whether they are government, commercial institutes including banks and private Mudalalies.
How to Stop Calls-The Sri-Lankan Way.
1. If you have a cell phone put it in the deep freezer till the debt is settled or recovered by legal means.
2. Simplest way is to not to answer the call. Let it ring till cows come home.
3. Surest way is to pull the jack out and then one can sleep.
4. Raise a guard dog.
5. Have good crowbar in case they come home.
If your mother or father is in the nursing home and you have defaulted paying the money and the dependent is demented, your best bet is to not have a telephone or better still go abroad until your mum or dad is deceased and get your bank to pay (as a standing order).
Then one can concentrate on the work and earn some money to pay the debts.
Unfortunately government institutions and their agents also act as debt collectors in this country.
Our legislators (both present and past) have pawned us for 40 years (our national debt)  and nobody gives a call and reminds them that they ought and should pull their act together.
Why only ask us to pull our socks?