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Freedom and its abuse, Our National News Papers

Freedom and its abuse, Our National News Papers

Both English and Sinhala, may be Tamil too have lost the ability to keep high profile.
There was a time when we take a paper, we read it from front to back.
Even if it was not newsworthy, at least one picks up a few nice phrases and a few new words
Now it does not take two minutes for to read.
I am going to list 10 (ten or more) missing points of our National News Papers.
1. All of them have lost creativity.
2. They have no understanding of future trends
3. They are obsessed with Gossips
4. They are obsessed with Politics
5. They are obsessed with Profits (advertisements)
6. They are all Polarized
7. Simply they do exist, as some sort of necessity and like having an early morning purge, one reads, rather glances through it and have an immediate intellectual clean up purge .
Why this is I do not know.
8. It is like one way traffic, even one comes to an intersection, they prefer not to take a turn, either to the right or left, worse they do not think of pulling to a side and have a cup of tea or coffee.
Enjoy the scenery a bit.
9. Are we getting brain washed?
10. Why are we so selfish?
Why don’t we look at alternative ways of thinking and look at current trends?
The 10 or missing points are:
Since I am in a higher educational institute, I will take education first, rather the tool of education the IT.
1. First IT.
There is a see a change happening in the IT world.
This was building up over the last three years.
I was obsessed with Linux but I kept a track of what was happening.

The first white paper I received 3 years ago.

It is the cloud computing that is making the sea change.
The androids have already come
Then the tablets.
Then the bust of HP computer arm.
All HP, IBM and Google are going for cloud services.
2. Then the Amazon comes up with the Kindle Fire.
3. Amazon has taken over the Digital Library Services along with the reader and the reading habits.
4. Soon tablets will hit all the schools, in preparation of this in USA they have stopped teaching or training cursive writing.
Instead of the slate and slate pencil it will be digital tablet and stylus that will take over.
5. I hate this government Free Book Service which is 30 years outdated.
All the books can be put in couple of doubled layered DVDs.
6. One actually does not need even a DVD and the cloud service can take over the digital content.
7. For that we need fiber-optic connection and not land based service.
8. We do not have satellite facilitate the G.P.S.
9. We need to improve English at schools.
10. We need to get Sinhala and Tamil into IT.
11. All that costs.
12. There is an alternative operating system and Ubuntu is taking giant strides including commercial aspect and they are ready by 2014.
But only Debian has Universal Language support including Sinhala and Tamil.
13. Then there is software piracy at all levels in spite of copyright law.

I strongly opposed copyright law when it was brought in because then I thought we were digitally backward at that stage and I believed we needed at least 5 years to change.
More than a decade gone we are still in  squire one.
Well IT itself has taken more than 10 units.
14. We are not addressing the problem of population growth (I stated it when population was 6 billion).
15. We are not addressing the global warming and climatic change.
16. We are not ready for alternative energy for cars including electric.
17. Science, Technology and Mathematics even worse than English.
18. Doctors, Engineers who pass out now won’t be able to fill government posts.
They are already saturated.
We need a technologically competent work force not only doctors (boasting about reading ability and also gullible mass is an arcane theory and is  good for nothing).
19. New private medical college is a colossal waste.
20. Education hub is a daydream and we missed the bus by 30 years because of the war.
Above all we do not have resources and we are still paying the debts.
We are trapped in the debt trap.
IMF will capitalize.
Why cannot out papers address these in real numbers?
The present budget will be another austerity budget and things will get worse in spite of tightening our belts.
I have not seen a single article on economics and debt crisis.
We cannot put a lid on everything, like a rubber ball pressed under water with the hand, the moment the hand is taken out it will pop up.
What the papers are doing is, trying to keep the rubber ball underwater.
It is a failed exercise.