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Old Dog Haven and Senior Dogs

Old Dog Haven and Senior Dogs

There are lot of myths about dogs but here I want to illustrate few human facts that I should communicate with Maha Brahma who was a yesteryear dog exterminated to make room for Perahara Pilgrims that visit this holy city of Kandy.
Most of Sri-Lankan end up in hell where the Maha Brahmas dog and present assistant of Maha Brahmas were dogs from this country. By clever design they ended up there and for my luck I happened to know the Present Maha Brahmas Assistant as a Paraya dog in Kandy and I am fortunate enough to communicate with him by virtual email.

First the bad news.

Lot of paraya dogs were cleared up recently in preparation for Perehara and I want a place reserved for them in hell (for the municipality exterminators not the exterminated paraya dogs).

In some countries when they are old they are sent to Old Dogs Haven.

I want the Maha to take them to heaven moment they are exterminated but make a short list of the exterminators and send that list to Apaya (Hell) Server.

I have designed a full proof program to catch dog killers and that is working nicely in Apaya Server currently but the problem is these dog killers live longer than the dog by many a mile due to cardiac surgery performed.

Senior Citizens Senior Dogs

1. The have homes for the elderly 1. Haven is practically hell for the dogs
2. Some senior citizens by that 2. There is only extermination decree age become mayors of the holy city
3.They never give way to juniors 3.Junior dogs take charge of the brood

I have another plea.

If one wants to age with the dog please do the following.

1. Take care of a young dog at the age of 43 (when nobody seems to want you including your wife and kids) years.

2. When you are 50 your dog is 7 years old and equal to 50 years of human age.

3. In another three (3) when your dog is 10 he is equivalent to 60 human years and you will be 53 years. You are younger by 7 years.

4. In another two years dog (at 12 years) will be 70 and you will be only 55 years.

You are younger by 15 years.


50=7=50 ( only at 50 one can be at the level of the dog age and enjoy with your contemporary to your heart content and his company prevents you from getting a heart attack, if you delay the dog will get a heart attack).


52=12=70 (This is the time you get a bypass operation and the dog get a heart attack).

5. Now that you have become the mayor at 55 after retiring from service would you be kind to this dog who is 12 years or sent for the Municipality exterminator.

6. They are just old senior dogs / citizens they do not have a parliament to go but only the streets but unlike you they look after our streets even at night when young, is it reasonable to put them to death?

7. How come if I say all the senior citizens who were ex-parliamentarians and drawing a fat pension and to save money for development they should be exterminated.

Will you pass a bill and vote yes in parliament?

Are we reasonable human beings?

Below is a Image from WiKiPedia.
I hope WiKipedia won’t pass copyright infringement for taking the side of the dogs against humans.