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To Hell or Heaven

To Hell or Heaven

It is said

That when

A Sri-Lankan

Plans to go abroad

He becomes secretive

And almost paranoid

Does not tell anybody

Of his intentions

Lest somebody pulls a string

Under the carpet

To stop

His endeavour


Once he is abroad

And found

A filthy dwelling

For habitation

He is in all but praise

Of the new found

Hell sans freedom

Wants all his fellow beings

Left behind

To come, join him

In misery

And share his chores and concerns

I am told

This is so

In the Middle East

Or else as

A refuge

In the West


What is significant?

And the most compelling fact

Is that

When one goes to hell

He makes sure

All his fellow beings

Are pulled out there from here

Like a magnetic attraction

To share the misery


By chance

If he found

A decent and healthy place

As a habitat

He writes home

In shame and disregard

Of the place adopted

Lest he has

To share

The wealth and happiness

Of the New Found Land

This is not

In anyway

A warning for anybody

Who wishes to go out

And explore

The Sri-Lankan

Who wish for divine intervention?

All the time,

End up in hell instead


When one goes to heaven

They go there all alone

Simply because

Increasing the numbers there

Would be antagonistic

To the Zero Growth Principle

Propounded by me

Here and now

The propensity

Adopted by,

The Sri-Lankans

Who are already there

Established in position and fame

Is truly different in magnitude


Buddhist anthology and tradition,

Is the “Kalyana Mitta”,

The true friend who helps

The upward bound

Of beings

To high heaven

Come what it may

Now and always

Sans boundaries,

Of colour, caste, creed or class


It is known for its absence

In the modern world

Of material gain

Is it asking too much?

To go for zero growth

In activity, mobility and expansion

To save our mother nature

Using the eye of wisdom

To see and vision,

The guiding principle

Is “Small is beautiful”

“Less is more”

In Nature

To know this

The man doesn’t

Need a brain as big as

The nature has endowed

Upon him

To apply

The simple principle

Of cohabitation with

Mother nature

The mother of all