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My Selection of Live CD/DVD-Point Scheme

1. Debian gets 3005 points
2. Ultimate 2620 (Games)
3. AVLinux 2480 (Audio and Video)
4. Knoppix 2410 (Live DVD / CD)
5. Poseidon 2390 (Scientific Packages)
6. Pinguy 2385 (Beautiful Desktop with all the general Utilities)
7. PCLinux 2230 (assortment of Live CDs but 64 bit missing)
8. Mabuntu 1930 (Ubuntu Derivative with PHP and PHP MyAdmin))
9. Mepis 1755
10.Sabayon 1430
11.Ununtu Unity 1405

Linux Gamers Live I have not scored yet but would come within the first 20 and this has nothing to do with my subjective preferences but on the strength of the packages available for one’s use.