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Will you eat it, if it is in a dish?

If it has got four legs
And it is not a chair
Will you eat it?
Americans will eat it

If it has got two wings
And it flies
But is not an aeroplane,
Will you eat it?
British will eat it it

If it swims 
And it is not a submarine,
Will you eat it?
Africans will eat it

It has no legs
And wiggles
But not a stick
Or a broom stick
Will you eat it?
Yes the Chinese will eat it
Like noodles

But poor
Or an Indian
Or a  Bangladeshi
Has to cook it

Before it is dished out
In a royal plate
It looks as if
Even a modern 
Buddhist of Colombo
Or a Buddhist monk
From Anuradhapura
Would not say
If it is dished out
Not in royal
At a Presidential Buffet
In Colombo
Modified from Prince Phillip’s
Uttering in Royal Language