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I am running out of ideas in Linux

This is the penultimate stage of my blog activity and I would now concentrate on marketing aspect and perhaps academic aspect later.

I must write few lines about

It does some things which I would have liked to do myself in the Third World and in my country.

It sells live disc and live USBs of all the Linux distributions.
You do not have to do what I do.
Download and test and write something here.
You go to that web site and order what you want after having read some of my comments.
All the items are low priced.
One only needs a credit card.
It also does something very good part of the sale is contributed to Open Software development.
So every time you buy something you are indirectly contributing to the developers.
Mind you in this credit crunch and debt crisis which is global we must not stop innovation things.
Credit crisis should open for new innovation and not for grumbling.
This is where Linux is way ahead of the pack.
Web site is very simple and nicely organized and has ranking of sales which is good thing before purchasing.
It has book section also and if you wont one investment for all go and my choice is given below.
Mind you I have several copies of this book.
I have paste the product description below.
Product Description
The most up-to-date guide on the latest version of Linux Linux is an excellent, low-cost alternative to more expensive operating systems and its popularity continues to remain on the rise. This comprehensive resource offers more than 100 pages of the most sought-after Linux commands, provides new tutorial chapters aimed specifically at Windows desktop users and Windows administrators, and includes a new chapter on using Linux on gadgets. You’ll get up to speed with Linux so that you can install secure, fully functioning Linux server systems.

* Shows you what Linux is capable of, how to install it, how to make the most of its features, and ways to make use of its commands
* Provides step-by-step instructions for transitioning to Linux and explains how to choose which distribution is right for you, find and use the applications you need, set up the desktop to be the way you like it, and more
* Walks you through transferring your stuff (music, documents, and images) from Windows to Linux

Whether you’re making the transition from Windows or Macintosh and need to choose which distribution is right for you or you are already savvy with Linux and need a thoroughly up-to-date guide on its newest features, Linux Bible 2011 Edition is a must have!
Try out 18 different Linux distributions to see which is right for you
Inside many stock exchanges, mobile phones, and Internet servers is an operating system that many people haven’t even heard of—it’s called Linux. Today, you can run this open-source software on your personal desktop, on an Internet server, or as a programming workstation. In this complete guide from Linux expert Christopher Negus are all the instructions and software you need to install, set up, and use Linux.

* Install, set up, and use the latest Linux systems for desktops and servers
* Configure the perfect Linux desktop system for you
* Launch all your music, video, images, and documents in Linux
* Set up your own print, file, e-mail, and Web servers
* Get a stable and secure system using Linux security tools
* Create your own cool apps with useful programming tools

A total of 18 different Linux distributions are included on the DVD!

* To try out Linux, boot directly Ubuntu, openSUSE, KNOPPIX, Fedora, PCLinuxOS, Gentoo, BackTrack, and other live Linux distributions
* To keep Linux permanently, install those and other distributions to your hard disk

What’s on the DVD?

* Ubuntu Linux (live/install)
* Fedora Linux (install)
* openSUSE (live/install)
* KNOPPIX (live/install)
* Gentoo Linux (live/install)
* Slackware® Linux (install)
* PCLinuxOS (live/install)
* BackTrack (live)
* AntiX (live/install)
* INSERT (live)
* Puppy Linux (live/install)
* Debian GNU/Linux (live/install)
* Damn Small Linux (live/install)
* SLAX (live)
* System Rescue CD (live)
* Coyote Linux (floppy firewall)
* TinyCore (live)
* CentOS Linux (live/install)

System Requirements:

* All software built for x86 computers
* See chapters on each distribution for system requirements

Turn your PC into a Linux desktop system
Learn to use Linux as a system administrator
Find and install loads of free software apps