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No sane mind
Buys a ticket
Without a wish
For winning

The logic of lottery
Or the statistical chance
Of wining is
Inversely proportionate
To number of other wishes
Of the same kind

So every other wish
Of the same kind
Make one less likely to succeed
In wining a lottery
Just like everyone else
And in turn
Gets war and hate

The logic of democracy
In matters of peace
Does work like
A simple lottery
Unless of course
One is prepared
To use force of nature
And combat

Then when one wins
By force
The peace become
To the loser
But to the victor
It is like a handsome
Win in a lottery

In real sense
Dhamma included
Wining or losing
A lottery
Just only an act
Of coincidence

But one does
With money won
If benevolent
Acquires merit

But it is
Usually the case
With a win
Lust and crave
Increase in leaps and bounds
Along with demerits

This is in essence
The virtue of war and peace
Whether it is
On this land or in any wonderland
But what is lacking is the consistency
Of making a policy viable and lasting