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Demo Linux and the Nostalgia

It was a very pleasant experience to boo the Demo Linux that I downloaded 2 days ago.
It did not boot up with my ThinkCentre but did boot up with the NetVista without a problem an even detected the USB ports and the paraphernalia attached to the computer.
It had KDE, Gnome and surprisingly StarOffice 2 (which I had never used before).
Most of the utilities were Debian based and it did not have office package not even AbiWord but there were 10 or more text editors including LyX, Latex derivative and Quanta 2 the web editor too.
There were hundred of utilities and games and demo did not need a password to boot.
It was very quick to boot and had all the text stating what was happenings behind the scene.
With tablets coming to scene, the humble beginning of Linux and now almost 95% of utilities including Androids using Linux is an amazing feat of the last 20 years.
But thank goes to Live CD List web site for keeping an archive CD there for downloading.
Now I am going to download version 2 too.
I used version 3 for testing.
Now that distromania is defunct I hope LiveCD List keep some copies of old Linux for the future generation to see as a historical fact.
Without history mankind does not exist even in the digital age!
It reminded me of the Live Suse CD I used before I migrated from Redhat and Debian to Suse.