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Physics, Ash Plantains (Banana) and Global Warming.

Physics, Ash Plantains (Banana) and Global Warming.
I am writing this on a backdrop of a 20 year vilifying investigation of a Polish American doctor’s plight to fight American mechanics and silence him.
I am not gone Bananas but some American Scientists and Regulatory Bodies have gone bananas!
They are going to study billion pieces of temperature data to see their accuracy.
They are getting a physicist to study a biological fact (climate issue).
Time and temperature are two dimensional elements and the time is a unidirectional concept and temperature is a perceived or measured concept.
Both are not adequate to study biological effects at random.

What we need is bio-indicators.
For one good bio-indicator of quality of water is tadpoles and frogs.

The Universe is billion bullion years old and earth is of billion years.
Then take a  sample from the last 50 years of supposed to be inaccurate data of temperature and CO2 and making policy decision, especially political but not scientific is ridiculous.
They are spending millions of American money on it and come up at the end of it, with inconclusive evidence for and against a given argument or a premise.
They could have spend it for a tree panting exercise globally and reap benefit in no time and provide at lease some fire wood for the poor.
I always ask a question philosophically of course, when I am at my tether to bring down an argument to a conclusion, if nothing is coming out of it.
Is the money and time well spent?
Problem with this question is, it generates a plethora of publications for and against and at the end of it the answer is again not conclusive.
This is how science works for us today.
This is what I call the uncertainty principle and statistics jargon works around it.

In this world most of the terrestrial animals work best at around 30 to 35 C and yeast die at 38 C.

The range is very narrow and what we need to ask is what is the effect of given temperature and  rainfall on a particular species of plant (we do not need to study animals and all animals live ultimately on plant product called glucose which is a biochemical product and not purely chemical or physical).

When evidence is staring at you, Americans would like to dispute it saying there is no scientific evidence yet to explain.

In my life I have eaten lot of ash plantain cooked of course but very rarely ripe ones.
They do not ripe even if you keep it for a long time.
That is why we use it as a vegetable to cook and a good one too.
Few plausible reasons are that it’s skin is very thick and do not produce enough carbide.
Second is the temperature.
Third is its maturation while attached to the plant.
This week I was walking along a Gahala Junction and saw a vegetable vendor selling ash plantain.
It was very peaceful without students.
He was happy to sell, because nobody was buying them.
They were ripe.
He was greedy wanted to sell me everything.
I told him give me the ripe ones, I am going to eat them not cook.
Bottom line, even in Kandy they are ripening.
One reason alone.
Scorching temperature.
If any American scientist wants any more evidence s/he can come and visit me and my back garden and the rooftop.
I can show him or her over 20 biological specimens and water plants affected by high ambient temperature which I have stopped measuring now.
He should only buy a return ticket and he and his family can come here for eternity on the money wrongly spent on scientific investigation to prove or disprove a political point.
In this case he should be prepared for the mosquitoes whom having a whale of a time because of the warm weather and take few home to show his friends as a proof that he really visited Sri-Lanka and not got this information by Googling for fun.