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Penultimate Linux

It is difficult for me to give an ultimatum as far as Linux is concerned.

The innovations that come by every minute of the day prevents me from announcing an ultimatum to Linux way forward and next distribution that will come out of the blue.

Enough is said about the Linux 100 and I have gone beyond the hundred by many a mile.

It is time for me to concentrate on Mobile Linux from Mobilin to MeeGo to Android to Unity derivative that might come soon.

Naming my top 10 will cause lot of injustice to that are not mentioned.

Life is making choices, prejudices and making decision at a given point of time which only lasts for that moment of time.
What is not mentioned is not a deliberate exclusion but a subjective statement with some value added judgment.

I have to go by the gut feelings but not with culinary delights.

1. Number one for me is 10th anniversary Knoppix 6.4

2. Number two is Puppy (lupu, quirky and wary, slimpup and the lot). If not for Puppy I would not have come this far.

3. Number three is PCLinux including FullMonty which opened me to the world of Live CD.

4. Number 4 is Mepis and AntiX (including Taylor Swift) for looking after old computers.

5. Debian is my Number 5 but my choice by deafault with many flavours including Sinhala Capability of installation

6. Gparted, Pmagic, RIP

7. Peppermint

8. Imagine-OS

9. Incognito and Polippix are new derivatives with a strong political statement.

10. Last but not least Ubuntu, Mint and Unity and allĀ  are Ubuntu derivatives making the feel of Linux universally available for the ordinary folks (not the Developers) who are taken for granted by the multinational companies hell bent on making money out of a poor product since the other choices are discredited by false propaganda.

If I miss any it is due to personal circumstances for me to use a particular distribution.

To rectify that anomaly I always talk about Linux 100 and not top 10 like a Video / Audio Charts.

Linux 100 and more going to stay like Dalmatians 101 in the web and IT world.
You have lot of choices now.

Go and select your own 10.
Please note that I have excluded Games and XBMC due to their craving on graphic intensive hardware requirement and environment which many poor people cannot afford at this point of time.

Other reason is manufactures with squinted eyes on Linux not providing not providing sapce for Linux modules.

In 10 years time the story may be quite different.

I may be gone but Linux will rule from Mobile, to netbook to laptops to desktop.