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Linux Updates-Dynabolic and Knoppix DVD

Dynabolic has revitalized itself and come up with its 3.0.0. beta version.

It has almost everything what I want except installation.
It is at beta stage and that may be the reason it has not yet included the install script which I am eagerly waiting.
It is a DVD just over 2 GiB and packed everything apart from Music and DVD stuff.
It has Scribus, Blender and Inkscape.
It has Orcas too.
What more one needs.
I have not given my score but it will top 2000 and possibly 2500 if they include the install script when ready.
I do not discuss two distribution in the same blog page but today I am going to do that to save time
I should say few words about Knoppix 6.7.1 DVD.
It is excellent and now can be used for 64 bit computers too.
If you type adriane at boot time everything is in audio mode for visually handicapped and this must be the first time somebody who is blind has given a chance and full control of using a computer including going to the web.
Mindfully it has put installation as the last option.
This is something Linux community can do to a blind but computer literate guy or girl to be independent.
blind people love music and Knoppix and Dynabloic if they join hand will be coming out with an easy winner.
I must tell you once booted using orcas has some glitches which needed to be sorted out soon.
Dynabolic is also of the same class for me as Knoppix.
Talking about both in the same line of thinking I think is not inappropriate, when I come to think about it.
We will join hand with you a better product comes out of Unity in Diversity.

Knoppix Update-Clear Front Runner

Knoppix stands tall and scores 2410 which is well above Ubuntu and Unity on the threshold of becoming a Gold Standard on its own.
Good old days when it was difficult to find a distribution and DEMO CDs were hard to come by Knoppix started the revolution of Live Cds.
I have used it from its 3.1 versions and up and it was available even in Sri-Lanka.

Its significant features apart from Live CD running on RAM are
1. Good hardware detection
2. Sound configuration and unique start up with sound script.
3. Ability to compress lot of programs into a CD.
4. Enormous number of packages
5. Partition tool and many more
6. ORCAs that is fun for visually handicapped user and is as good as Vinux.
It was way ahead until Puppy Linux came into the scene and took another twist by making Live CD under 100 MiB soon which I became a convert.
its weakness was it could not be installed into the hard disk and I found a way to mount it on FAT partition. I always had a copy mounted on my hard disk when the LXDE came into the available.
The came the 10th anniversary release which was big hit by itself both CD and DVD versions. Now it can be installed and administrative right can be restored after installing.
There is Knoppix for Kids and Games DVD which was something lacking in 95% of the Linux Distributions.
If you do not use any other Linux distributions this is the one one should always have.
I cannot find anything wrong with this distribution when I format my hard disk it is the first one goes in as the flag bearer of Linux and other are installed afterward.