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My Plant Bioindicators

My Plant Bioindicators
We are fast losing the bird species.
With them we lose the seeders or birds who disseminate seeds.
Over the past few years I have designated few plants the go through a rough patch of dry weather and survive.
1. My number one is a pipal tree.
2. My number two is pineapple plant which in few years time i am going to tree as an ornamental plant.
Now I know it can live up to 100 years if we do care for it.
3. My number three is cocoa plant.
4. My number four are the array of citrus plants. I have three or four varieties and none of them had flowers, I have observed them for three years.
None of them died.
I do not know why they are not flowering.
I was very much interested this time since like onion in India suddenly the price of lemon hit the roof.
5. The Indian jasmine plant is another candidate but I do not know why it does not let a young one grow from a shoot in its neighborhood still attached to the mother plant. I was successful getting a sapling once i severed its connection with only two slender roots.
Mother nature is intriguing.
It is very difficult to predict how the plants behaves in a community.
There is lot I have to learn about the “neighborhood forest” i am living with.
Learning about the rain forest is a daunting task.
But destroying it is easy by having a roadway built on its perimeter or through nature.
Those who built roadways and allow banana growers to grow banana for Americans are actually nature vultures.
They have gone bananas.